UFL trouble?

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It gets worse:

DALLAS -- Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has filed a lawsuit against the United Football League claiming the league has failed to repay $5 million he loaned it last year.

The federal lawsuit says the league missed the initial deadline for repayment in October and another on Dec. 1.

The suit filed Monday names as defendants league co-founder William Hambrecht and his revocable trust, which guaranteed the loan.

Calls to the league's legal and public relations offices by The Associated Press Thursday weren't immediately returned.

Cuban declined additional comment when contacted by the AP.

Cuban's loan coincided with an announcement by the league last April that he would be an investor.

The five-team league completed its second season in November when the Las Vegas Locomotives defeated the Florida Tuskers for the championship.


As well, some players apparently weren't paid on time (don't know if they've been paid yet or not):

I am a longtime member of the UFL forum and i have to say the entire forum has been blowing up in the past few days due to all the bad news. But despite all the short comings the league is still pushing hard in order to get itself back on track, many of the fans have been calling for the Commissioner head seeing as alot of what has been going on has been because of his bad decisions. I wouldn't call the UFL dead just yet but its got a few wounds it needs to heal before they kickoff later in the year.

Soon to join the cemetary of other dead football leagues.

Good luck with professional football CPR there, which in the history of professional football has not worked for at least 50 years. :roll:

Otherwise welcome to the CFL, the likely only solid football game in town later this year after the NFL season is over. :slight_smile: :frowning:

And for American football any more, lest you are caught up with the SEC or Pac-12 or your alma mater with the latter for me, the only real game to enjoy any more is the NFL for as long as it will last given the exposure of the sham that is the NCAA for sake of whatever "rules" it has about players not receiving payment for play. :roll:

I have been a CFL fan for alot longer then i have supported the the UFL, i have been enjoying the CFL since the late 90's early 00's but decided to support the UFL in its goal to become the next major league. I understand why people knock the league because of the many leagues that have fallen before it but so far they have done very well in creating the foundation for the league. Granted that recently the league has fallen on some hard times for a number of reasons but i am confident it will come through but if it doesn't i will go back to fully supporting the CFL.