UFL Tonight

Maybe at the start of the game they introduced the fans instead of introducing the players. . . it would not have taken as long.

This just in. . "California. . . major foul. . . 15 yards for boring us half to death".......Las Vegas. . . bench foul. . . 15 yards for thinking you could draw football fans to a game in Las Vegas"

I'm giving up on this game. My connection is too choppy and there's no fans. Las Vegas doesn't want minor league football. Besides... the uniforms look almost the same on video and Locos is a dumb name.

I've got another beer chilled so I guess I'll hang in for the second quarter. . . watching nonsense like this makes one appreciate what a treasure the CFL is. . .

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I have a free preview of the NHL package right now. Think I’m going to watch a game. I WAS a hockey player yet watching hockey (other than the World Juniors) is like watching paint dry.

It's supposed to be a "cool" or "hip" shortcut for Locomotives. . . but in Spanish, Loco means crazy. . . so there may be a message there.

why do new leagues always dress their refs up to look like they dont belong on the field but still stand out like a sore thumb ...... zzzzzzzzzzz its like the seat ushers are working as refs too !!

well then again maybe they are lol

I decided to try again.

Just in time to see a replay of some nobody QB score a TD and do the dumbest TD dance I've ever seen.

I wish I could send a message over their PA system...

"Hey Boyd... you just scored a TD during a game with a smaller attendance than a High School game. Stop acting like a Prima Dona. You're in the U F L"

JP Losman is reviving his career. Maybe he get a gig with the Argos... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

And I'd to strangle Flutie and his broadast partner. . . sure, every thing that happens is the "First" in UFL history, but come on! Do you guys really believe this league is going to last long enough to HAVE a history??

This season is going to see a lot of firsts.

And a lot of lasts.

Very interesting. A game thread for a UFL game. I didn't think I'd see that here.

I just turned the game on because I was bored, and I think I'll continue to be bored watching this game. I turned it on just to see the first TD in Las Vegas Locomotives history. :slight_smile: (California now leads 14-10.)

I have seen that former CFL QBs Mike McMahon and Russ Michna are playing for there teams here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cu ... am_rosters , so I'm not too worred about this league. It's interesting how Charlton Keith was mentioned in the "one hit wonder" thread and is listed as an LB on the New York roster.

I really want another football league to come around. But less gimicky than the XFL and less boring than the NFL. Plain 'ol Hum Drum American Football will not fly. There are 32 NFL teams that can put me to sleep. Why watch a bunch of lower tiered players atempt to play the same game? We need a league with some new dynamics to it... but without an ARENA or HE HATE ME.

Are those refs or security guards? Or golf course marshalls?

already said, they are the ushers :smiley:

oh yeah, missed that.

Yeah, this league is terrible and is going to live a short life.

Even if you WANTED to follow the league you couldn't. Their website is terrible... no new updates, etc... They just played their first game ever and their main story is JP Losman's High School memories. No game recap, no nothing. On a small little score tracker you can see the score. Tha'ts it. If you go to their site you can't even tell that they started the season.

My worries of losing top CFL talent to this league are no eased a lot more.

Saw the lack of updates on the website. For some strange reason, I decided to go to bed and missed the ending...

The lack of press coverage is also a bad (=good) sign. Almost nothing on Google News about first game, except mockery:
http://news.google.ca/news/search?pz=1&cf=all&ned=ca&hl=en&q=ufl&cf=all&scoring=n 8)

Dave Naylor has a good and amusing piece about the first game in "UFL history" today:

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/blogs/from-the-sidelines/ufl-ushers-in-whole-host-of-footballing-firsts/article1317951/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/blogs/fr ... le1317951/[/url]

I've done an entry on the UFL clash of the titans on my blog. The vids on Youtube really show the lack of fan support and the confusing uniforms.


Still can't believe nobody from the UFL brain trust realized that the colours of the teams are almost indistinguishable on video. :cowboy: