UFL may be dead after this season

I have been looking around the net a bit to see how the UFL is doing in it's first year. Not well at all. Biggest crowd to date is 18K with the smallest being just 4K.

I saw one game which was New York at Florida. It was played in Orlando at the Citrus Bowl which holds about 65K. There was about 11K there but it looked like a few hundred when they showed the stands. A very sad sight.. almost as if it was a practice and a few fans had showed up to watch.

Also.. it was said when the UFL was announced that the minimum salary would be 75K. Turns out it's 25K and the base contract is 35K.

They have plans to expand to LA and Hartford next season but I can't see the league surviving after this year. Why the hell would they play in the fall when the NFL season is going?

Anyway.. just wanted to share.

I find the team colours give me a headache. That and they're all the same! Very confusing...

New York is the only team that looks unique. They wear a black jersey that looks pretty cool. LV has a lot of blue and silver. Florida and California though are very green dominant and almost look like the same team.

Heard Bettman say the UFL is doing great. No problems. :wink:

Another Fly by night league about Bite the dust ..

Zing!! Man, must be open-mike night on the ol' cats forums!!! Love it!

I would say that overall they have taken the NFL game and made it more boring. An example of this is the rule that the entire D line must be in a 3 or 4 point stance. So this means you could never use a rush end. They also have limits on how many people can blitz. It's pretty silly.

The game I saw was boring as hell. I also saw a bit of a recent game where NY moved to a much smaller stadium and hosted Florida. It was only a 15K seat stadium and still looked bare. The crowd was reported to be 4,000 and change but there is no way possible there were that many people. NY played their first home game at giants stadium which holds about 75K and they only drew just over 10K.

Think about this.. The other 3 teams at least play in markets without the NFL but not New York. New York has 2 NFL teams plus they start the UFL during the NFL season. How could they possibly ever think a NY team could ever cope with the competition? The California team seems to play out of San Jose which is close to San Fran and Oakland so thats another bad place for a team. Florida already has 3 NFL teams but playing in Orlando at least provides central Florida with a team since the NFL tems there are all on the coast. LV gets the best attendance at around 14-18K per game which is not surprising as there is no NFL team anywhere near there. Florida is second in attendance with about 11-12K per game. California has gotten between 5-6K per game and NY 4-10K.

The USFL was the only other pro football league ever in the US to get decent attendance. Some teams didn't though but many got 30-40K. I remember LA only getting 7-10K but at the time there were 2 NFL teams in the city. No shock. The main reason though the league saw good attendance was they played from spring till summer when there was no NFL competition. The USFL went under after the 85 season when they announced that in 86 they would start playing in the fall. Interest in the teams rapidly dropped and sponsors backed out just at this announcement before a fall game was ever even played. The league had no choice but to fold. You would think the UFL would have saw that as a great reason to play in the spring.

I was a little worried about losing some of our top Americans (current and future prospects) to this new league. Seeing as they can stay in their home country and play THEIR kind of football.

My concerns have been eased.

4K attendance just will not fly. Nobody cares about this league. They don't seem to be getting much press, there are no real "hometeams" seeing as they're playing all over the place and every team has the same jersey. It's all so very Mickey Mouse.

If there's a "next year" obviously they're going to have real jeresys, real cities and a bigger schedule... but...

I don't see a Season 2.

To be honest with you I have no idea who is in the league, what rules they have, what the pay is like, what the talent level is like nor do I care. I have heard of it. I'm pretty sure thats more than the majority of football fans in Southern Ontario

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