UFL looking to partner with NFL


Interesting read, if they expanded and became an Triple A (NFL) could effect the quality of import players coming up here.

Interesting... I hope it doesn't happen.

This league is dead.
It was pathetic when I stumbled on the game one day on TV and it was being watched by literally family and friends.

I think its going too happen and it will be good for the NFL but I wish the UFL played its season in the spring to summer because theres a need for football league thats plays in the spring and summer.

If they were smart that's what they would do. Start in Feb end in June. I can see this league with NFL help becoming a triple A type league. Probably kill the Arena League.

Ugo, I hope that is what happens.

I hope it becomes a development league to the NFL, that's what they were acting like anyway.

With the NFL's money and backing, they can probably get a better tv deal which will create more interest in their local markets because it will all seem more "legit".

Also, I think this would be really good for football's expansion overseas as now you wouldn't need to get into the NFL, you could get into the UFL.

I really hope the NFL is smart about this and buys in.

Right on Matt and Ugo can't agree more ...arena ball uggghhh c'mon! I don't care for the UFL but at least it is real football and it can be improved and maybe in due time for the offseason sure!

Also, I don't know why CFL fans wouldn't want a robust UFL.

The larger the UFL, the more likely Canadians will be able to fill more positions in the CFL. Win-win situation I think.

Not all fans would agree, I would, and I am sure Earl would too, because we like to watch Canadian teams compete for the Grey Cup, we don't really care who is on those teams. Personally I would like to see the number of imports drastically reduced over time and would be happy with no imports. But I can't say I am the majourity that think that way.

Not just "acting" like it Matt. When they first came into being they said themselves that being a feeder league for the nfl is what their plan was.

This merger is a no-brainer for the NFL. They have so much to learn from the UFL, like cities sharing a franchise or the 4-week season.

The Unseen Football League playing infront of 12 people. awesome.

I followed the UFL kind of closley as I was interested not in it so much but just to see how it did. Not well.

Few games drew more than 10,000 people and some as low as 4,000. I saw one game that was played in Giants stadium in NYC. Not sure how many people were there but it looked like a few people showed up to watch a practice.

The Yankees were playing in the World Series on the same night I think... :lol:

San Francisco and New York were disasters. That's why season 1 was a test run to see if it could be done and it can't. The simple fact of the matter is, why would these cities want a UFL team when they have NFL teams with rich traditions (in NY's case 2 teams even)?

Didn't make any sense. They were smart to relocate those teams to Sacramento and Hartford. You'll see much better crowds there.

Actually the UFL regular season is 6 games.