UFL - Going... going... g....

On Friday?
Who plays a championship game on a Friday?

(those who wish to lose a lot of revenue, and the UFL, that's who)

people should read some of the articles coming out in regards to the league. It provides endless amounts of entertainment. Those involved with running the league seem to be in total denial mode and after all this STILL believe the league will ultimately play another season :roll: :roll:

this, so far, is my favorite quote, "....Practices were delayed this season when there weren't enough helmets to go around," :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now that is getting into truly bush league territory. Or in other words the CFL darkest hour with our CFL USA venture.

I wonder if the USFL would have survived had they not changed schedules from the spring to fall, hence head to head with the NFL.

The USFL had quite decent attendance for many of the teams, as well as formidable TV ratings until the erroneous change.

Perhaps have a Canadian city take on one of the teams and then add some Canadian talent. easier then expanding.


They have an interesting business model by the looks of it. Expansion in the midst of folding one team and cutting the season short to keep from losing even more money. I guess they try find a new owner/investor/sucker to put down money for an expansion franchise and use it to try pay for the season.

The UFL is a responsible league. They made it clear to their players the money is not there to finish. We can go straight to a championship game or play the remaining games without pay. Players said we are boycotting if the decision is to play the remaining two regular season games.

Most arena-like football leagues wing-it and don't tell their players its impossible to finish the season without paying the players.

I don't like the end result. I do however, like the response to the situation by the league management.

At least give the league founders/managers credit for that.

Go Destroyers/Tuskers!

I followed the UFL as much as the CFL and NCAA. I admire anyone willing to take a business risk. At least they created employment opportunities for a little while. Love those Tusker uniforms! The Destroyers sort of looked like the Alouettes.

The real question is...should I risk buying a shirt/cap or something from the UFL store if the league is out of money? If I give them my credit card to buy something online, would the merchandise ever arrive?

What would you guys do?

And no, I'm not buying anything from the UFL that is PINK!!!

I would not. It being the UFL aside, because the league is struggling my concern is not whether I ever receive the merchandise but could my credit card info end up stored on a computer they firesale trying recoup some of their losses when they shut down for good.

I was thinking that too about the credit card hanging around on their server. On the other hand I usually replace the credit card number once every two years anyway. I check once a month for wrongful charges too.

Nevertheless, the league claims it wants to regroup and try things again in the spring/summer of 2012:


I wouldn’t mind having a Tuskers t-shirt.

Nevertheless, the league claims it wants to regroup and try things again in the spring/summer of 2012:
Frankly, I don't see how the league can sustain another season. They had to shorten an already short schedule, in order to lose LESS money than what was anticipated.

The UFL requires serious capital dollars to commence a new season, and I don't see where or who would want to invest in this fiasco.

Okay let's go back to UFL SUCKS!!!!! after apparently one massive fan of a terminated league had quite a binge.

here's an interesting tidbit..
The UFL originally formed in 1961 and played until 1964 before it became the Continental Football League which operated until 1969.
Also notable was the fact it was the first league to feature both American and Canadian teams:


Well it looks like perhaps they can update Wikipedia with yet another historic entry about the UFL given that it stands to fold as it attempts to court new lame franchises for the spring. :roll:

Yeah okay spring football …as much as I would like it instead of waiting in withdrawal, that’s an idea with a proven track record too … :roll: