UFL - Going... going... g....

Only a matter of time.

The UFL will be dead sooner rather than later.

They're back down to 4 teams and each team will only be playing a 6 game season. What's in no way a legit league.

I was semi-worried about the UFL when I first heard about it starting up but now those fears are gone.

Goodbye UFL.

Careful what you say, they remaining teams might want to apply to join the CFL.

I read in the Winnipeg Sun the UFL standings in the sports section until football stats. Yes it was in there. Only 4 teams playing this year.

How many teams did they have before?
I don't follow the league and know little about it. thx

Count yourself lucky. I tried watching a game or two. . .brutal.

Is the format the same as NFL rules MadJack? Is the talent atrocious?
How many teams did they have at it's peak? (so to speak) :slight_smile:

NFL rules, and yes the talent level was atrocious. … not sure how many teams represented the “high” point.


Just checked some info in Wiki...
It seems the UFL had a "peak" of 5 teams and that was last season.

They started with 4 teams in 2009 expanded to 5 last season, and contracted back to 4 this season.

And it costs $30 million for a 50% interest in a franchise....meaning a franchise is worth $60 million??? HARDLY

I would not say that the tallent is that bad. I would say that who does not make the NFL and CFL has the opportunity to play in the UFL if they like. There is still a good pool of players left that are not bad. But yes, It is the bottom of the pro players.

You have to give this league credit though, the are lasting longer than the XFL,lol

very true..Although I don't know how when attendance averages are hovering under 10,000

At least the XFL had a few teams averaging between 30,000-40,000
The XFL's problem came about when they tried to go head to head with the NFL by switching to a fall schedule instead of the winter/spring schedule they employed the first two seasons.

Or am I mixing up the USFL with the XFL? :?

Las Vegas had 6,500 fans at their home opener today at Sam Boyd Stadium. How much longer can this league really last? I feel bad for the players and the dedicated fans that the league does have.

And I'm embarassed when Toronto hovers around 20,000.
You can't have a league with only 4 teams and 6 game seasons. It's ridiculous.

The CFL, at 8 teams, is too small IMO and needs expansion to further interest and brand exposure..

Now where is that guy who was on here saying that the UFL was going to kill the CFL? lol that league seems like a joke! I think if they want to make it work, then NFL has to own it, and I think playing in the spring would help out too. Give those true football fans something to watch, no matter how bad it is.

It was the USFL tangledweb.
The USFL was actually a pretty good league. I remember watching it when I was a kid.
The XFL was the biggest joke to football of all time.
Back to the UFL, Yes it is unfortionate that they have a small average attendance. The UFL is hurting and may not be around for much longer.



UFL abruptly ends season; championship Friday in Va. Beach

[url=http://hamptonroads.com/2011/10/ufl-abruptly-ends-season-championship-friday-va-beach]http://hamptonroads.com/2011/10/ufl-abr ... y-va-beach[/url]

By Bob Molinaro
The Virginian-Pilot
© October 17, 2011

...Calling an audible that might only confuse, if not infuriate, its limited and loyal boosters, sources say the UFL will announce today that it is moving up its championship game to 8 p.m. Friday, when the Virginia Destroyers will meet the Las Vegas Locomotives at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex...

Source: UFL to cut season short

[url=http://www.omaha.com/article/20111016/NEWS01/111019795/1008]http://www.omaha.com/article/20111016/N ... 19795/1008[/url]

By Steven Pivovar

...League spokesman Michael Preston said in an email to The World-Herald that the UFL plans to announce news about its championship game and the season Sunday afternoon. He would not confirm the report about canceling the final two weeks that first showed on the Virginia Destroyers' fan page. NBC Sports, citing an unnamed source, confirmed the report...

They will be pulling the league off life support right after the championship game I gather. :o

I just saw on the Sportsnet One ticker that the UFL has cancelled the rest of the season, and the championship will be played on Friday. lol wow.

Another headstone for the cemetary filled of failed football leagues.

thanks BB

What sticks out about the USFL for me was the Donald Trump factor.
Like him or hate him, even back then he had chutzpah and pizzazz as an owner and league director.