UFL game video highlights?

Ummm...where are they?

The UFL website has nothing! :cry: :thdn:

That’s because the UFL has nothing! Check this out:

“The Colonials are coming off a dominating performance in the season opener last week, defeating Sacramento 27-10 before a crowd of 14,384 at Rentschler Field. The turnout was the largest for a UFL regular season game.”

The problem? Rentschler Field holdds 40,000 this league won’t be around much longer folks.

“Brooks Bollinger threw for 308 yards and a pair of touchdown passes to lead Florida to a 27-20 victory over Las Vegas on Saturday night in front of 9,103 fans at Sam Boyd Stadium.”

Again…a 37,000 seat stadium.

The question to ask is "what is the break even point on a per game basis".
If they break even at 8000 then they are ahead.
Now do not get me wrong I am not defending the UFL, just pointing out that perhaps they do not need as large of a crowd to make the league work.
It is not like they have any super stars demanding large contracts.

True: Superstars?..No! But...When this league was forming they stated that all players were being paid $100,000. I don't know if that's changed or not.

The players are making like $30,000 a season.


Their league webpage is terrible.


I would not be shocked if their 3rd season was cancelled before it even gets underway. If they do play season #3... it's be their last.

I will be very surprised if half the teams make it to the end of the season!


Good call:

[url=http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/Source-UFL-teams-are-sending-home-players-due-to-lack-of-funds.html]http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/Sou ... funds.html[/url]
Source: UFL teams are sending home players due to lack of funds

The United Football League is experiencing financial woes that are serious enough that the football league has sent home players due to a lack of funds, according to an industry source with knowledge of the situation.

The Hartford franchise informed players tonight that training camp wouldn't be starting due to the money problem. It's unclear yet if the season will be played.

UFL commissioner Michael Huyghue has repeatedly said the season will be played.

"While we certainly continue to look for other sources of financing . . . things are still moving forward and players are in camps," Huyghue told the Virginian-Pilot.

However, the UFL has had several instances of unpaid bills, including players not being paid on time as well as other employees.

At the very least, the UFL is having major problems that call into question both its short-term and long-term viability.

Season has been postponed until mid September, if at all.


The United Football League will move the start of its season from mid-August to mid-September because of ongoing financial problems, commissioner Michael Huyghue said Tuesday.

Huyghue said in a statement that the delay will give the league time to finalize television agreements and "other critical business affairs."

Players who reported to training camps this week are returning home at league expense, with the plan being to reopen them in about a month.

"We felt, and still feel, that playing meaningful games during August would benefit the UFL," Huyghue said. "Unfortunately the uncertainty gripping pro sports given the NFL and NBA lockouts created a destabilizing impact throughout the industry.

"Ultimately, this delayed our ability to secure television agreements and other related business matters. We believe, though, that the added time will allow for some necessary housekeeping that will strengthen our product and our brand."

There were obviously pinning their hopes on a protracted NFL lockout, thinking they would get a big TV deal but with the NFL sides coming close to resolving their issues and likely approaching an agreement here within the next few days, they really have no hope.
The UFL lost $30 million in 2009 and $50 million in 2010, and Huyghue told the AP in the spring that investors considered folding after last season.
That says it all. Two seasons and they've lost $80 million. They've added more teams this season but that would only mean an even bigger financial loss.

....and the countdown begins until the UFL folds for good....I'd give it no more than one more season at best. Maybe not even that much...someone should make a pool....could be fun to see who can guess the exact date and/or number of games...

Boy there is a shock.....not.
Another footballl league joining the scrapheap.

[quote="ArgoT"]Boy there is a shock.....not.


I'll say. . .


As to the question posed by the o.p. I think the reason the UFL has no video highlights is because there are no highlights to show videos of. . .

In a league where the most excitement is the coin toss. . . hard to find a video of a play worth showing on video.

I totally called that one, eh?

I kept saying to UFL fans (on Facecrack) that the UFL would never do succeed while playing half seasons. 5 teams playing 8 games does not a pro football league make!

I went online and bought a copy of the first UFL Championship when I was in Afghanistan. I was NOT impressed. Combining the lack of skill and my exhaustion at the end of each day... it took me 4 days to watch the game!!!! I watched a quarter a day.