UFL could take away CFL talent

I know most of you think the UFL won't last, but the investors behind this thing have money and I don't think they are going to walk away after only a year or two. This league might have some legs behind it.



Having said that they will have a salary cap of $20mil. Quarterbacks will be making from $1mil-$4mil and the average salary will be around $300,000. If this lasts even a few seasons, what CFL player not under contract wouldn't take $300,000 as opposed to $100,000 CDN. This league will take away talent from the CFL. What are your thoughts?....other than the usual "this league doesn't stand a chance..blah,blah,blah".

My question is....what if this league lasts a few seasons?

It will have exactly the same impact that the USFL, XFL and NAFL, AFL had on the CFL. Why would the impact be any different?

A fall league with only potential markets listed on their website and in some of the same markets that people complain the CFL would never work in because of the ties to college football as well as New York City and Los Angeles. Plus having a blog from their commish talking about perhaps Michael Vick will be playing in their league.

Well I think I've seen what I need to see. If they are going to compete with the CFL it won't be during their first year. As a player are you going to turn down a contract in April or May just in case this new league locks down their potential cities/owners and can pay more? If they survive to year two then you could see some of the American players in the CFL looking at it harder but let's see if they can get off the ground for year one before the Chicken Little talk gets too far down the road.

Missed one tidbit as they are looking to Mexico for one of their franchises.

Monterrey is often referred to as "the Pittsburgh of Mexico"
Is that a good thing???
It will have exactly the same impact that the USFL, XFL and NAFL, AFL had on the CFL. Why would the impact be any different?
Well, the XFL didn't have much impact, but the USFL which was around for a couple of years produced alot of CFL talent. Didn't Doug Flutie come to the CFL from the USFL? If the league dies, we will get an influx of players from it, but in the same way as it grows we will lose talent. This could have the same impact as the NFL expanding by a whole bunch of teams at once.

They begin playing in August of this year, they are going to start signing players in March. Some players might be afraid the first year that they won't last, but what CFL player who is in his option year if he could sign for two the three times more and play in his own country wouldn't do it. The CFL will feel this because the best players who didn't make the NFL are playing here and that's who they want to build the UFL with.

Monterrey I guess has an american football following. It is a "safer" part of the country and has a tradition of american football. Maybe I am getting a little nervous for no reason, but I have seen their message boards talking about going after CFL talent where the quality of professionals is high.

With the folding of the World League and the Arena League, there is a glut of players on the market. UFL shouldn't have any impact on CFL in excess of what the USFL and WFL had.

  1. Do they have a TV deal? If not, they're dead.

  2. They plan on going after the NFL head to head? In a horrible US economy? Fuhgeddaboudit.

  3. It's January, 8 months from the start of the season - they have zero franchises, zero stadium leases, zero players signed. This thing won't kick off in 2009.

  4. Yeah, they have big money backers - the XFL had Vince McMahon, who has about $2 less than god, and is as good a promotional machine as there exists today, and, armed with an NBC main network deal, and stripper-cheerleaders to boot, couldn't make the XFLfly - I see nothing different here. The big bucks behind the thing will lose interest real fast when they have to start cutting cheques to cover losses.

It's less than 50-50 this thing kicks off at all, and 10-1 it lasts 3 years.


I guess I was trying to avoid a discussion on whether people think it will survive or not. The discussion I wanted was on how it would affect the league if it does survive, even for a couple of years.

There will be an official announcement soon, but word is they do have a tv deal, six owners in place and stadium deals...it will launch this September.

If you are in your option year and you only have a year or two left of professional football, wouldn't you jump ship to make three times as much. I think we will lose players this coming year. For sure next year.

I don't think it's going to take away much existing talent, but it could definately beat the CFL out for some of those talented guys deemed too small or just passed over by the NFL coming out of college.

Agreed! I wouldn't get my knickers in a knot regarding this new league

Because it just wouldn`t be a Tuesday afternoon on the forum without a doom and gloom post…

LOL here it goes again a guy with too much money and he will lose against the NFL machine. Look at the some of the cities. Las Vegas have you gone to a game there it is brutal. I have and I can tell you when the fire truck came around to hose you down it was a relief. But most the cities with the exception of Los Angles has NFl teams close by. So myguess if you are a football fan where would you spend those dollars. TYhis league won't last long for sure.

I wasn't going to respond to this, but I think I need to. I brought this up as a topic for discussion, like "hey let's talk about this and the possible impact"....that is not doom and gloom. What drives me crazy is that if I am optimistic that the CFL could expand eventually to a place like Moncton with it's new stadium then I am a nut bar who has no right to be talking about such crazy things and people like you chastise us for talking about it. Now I do a post about the possible impact of another league and it's doom and gloom to you. Just like everytime, somebody talks about the media in Toronto which treats the CFL like a step child.

Wait, let me guess, you don't mind the fact that we talk about expansion once and a while but not all the time bla bla bla. The fact is, we all have different interests and not everybody wants to talk about the same thing, yet every single time we talk about something you are "sick" of talking about you have to respond. Everytime. If you don't like expansion or as you call this one....doom and gloom, don't respond.

Yeah, I probably should have went with my hunch on this one and just not responded in the first place. Oh well, I spent too much time typing this to erase it now.

Wonder how long it will take for somebody at MLSE to make an application for a franchise for from Toronto? :lol:

Don`t feel so bad, you at least gave me a good laugh.

Wow, is this the "soft answer turns away wrath" thing? Now I feel a little stupid. I blew out my knee a couple of weeks ago, and I just realized that I should probably start easing off the meds soon.

Or this is your response to the MLSE thing....I think I'll just pretend it was a response to my post, that makes me feel better.

This league is a complete joke. They have no investors, no teams, no cities, no stadium deals, only a claimed "TV contract"...in the Fall going head-to-head against the NFL and NCAA? Good luck!They say they need a $20M salary cap to compete with the NFL for their 4th - 6th round draft picks? So the avg salary will be $300K? :lol:

They should take a page out of the CFL's book and wait a year then sign the same player for $40k after they get cut.

That college AAFL league which didn't get off the ground, is so far ahead of these guys it isn't funny. And I think they are looking for "new financeers" also. :wink:

New football leagues in the best of times are suspect, but now in a full fledged recession, I say the chance for success is slim and none and slim left the building a while ago.