UFL could be dead soon Mean Free Agents for the CFL

UFL season delayed at least a month, Destroyers asst GM confirms. Yes, , financial + insurance issues are at root. Try to act surprised.

This means alot Players about to come free Agents again .
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TSNDaveNaylor David William Naylor
UFL Players had been in staying in hotels at training camp but not practicing for a week. If the league done, it floods market with players.[/b]

UFLaccess.com reporting that UFL training camps are suspended for 30 days. http://t.co/wqz1aGW #Crouchcomebackdelayed

Ex #Cfl player on #UFL rosters include Joel Bell, Daryll Clark, Chris Davis, Grice-Mullen, Chad Lucas, Adam Tafralis, Eric Wilbur.

Just read that the CFL drew higher TV ratings in the States than the UFL did last year. Interesting stuff!

Would be the same as when the arena league folded. about 10 guys in that whole league that would interest CFl teams.

Not a very inspiring list of available names.

I hear Hamilton Minor Football may have some available guys too. They'd probably be as good as some of the UFL players. If they were good enough they'd already be here.

I wish that I could say that this came as a surprise.

The UFL is dead in the water and there ain't NOBODY that I'd rush to sign.

I wanted this league to do well and to offer an alternative Professional American football league for me to watch... sadly... it's gone. The CFL once again survives!

The only problem is we are tied to this "Canadian content rule" we have some great players now that have to sit out. We saw it last week when Mann and AB were sat out, some great back ups that will have to sit out next game if Mann and AB came back. Reduce the number of Canadian starters and lets see some better players on the field.


Like another poster said (old fan I think it was) if you want to watch a bunch of Americans and a couple of Canadians play football, try the NFL.

This is the Canadian Football League.

And anywhere else everyone would be up in arms screaming out "discrimination"

I watch the CFL because we have a team in Hamilton. I love it and im a huge fan but it has nothing to do with the Canadian content. Id love to see a team with the best players I don't care where your from I just want the best football.


Sorry but your thinking of UFL talent is a bit off. Although maybe most of them are not at the NFL or CFL level some very much are and are there because of numbers games in both leagues.

There are only so many pro football jobs in the world and about 30X the players that are needed have some skill and ability to offer. Not to knock Canada but our level of football talent is nowhere near the US in general for the most part. You could pit the greatest Canadian Jr. players against a team of the least capable UFL players and I can assure you the UFL players would trounce them.

We really need a sarcasm emoticon...

Agreed :lol:

The eye roll is the closest thing. If you had used that I might have realized you were being sarcastic. Even a wink emoticon would do the job. :slight_smile:


The Steel City Steelers JV team has a few players better than most in the UFL...

When looking at UFL rosters, it certainly seems there isn’t much to see here.

And I would like to say that, as was pointed out in another thread, it’s disappointing to see these thread hijacking attempts that just lead to the same discussion on a certain topic every time.

Not mentioning ny names eh Mike?


I figure at this point, there wouldn't be any need for me to name names. :slight_smile:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :D

What's wrong RYCK? Upset about the Woman's Network too? How about the Oprah Network? That one really grinds my gears. Write your congressman. Make a difference.

Discrimination? Maybe. I'd call it patriotism, . The National Football League? Whats national about it? It should be the USAFL, as 99% of the players were born in the USA (dont worry about my math on this, PiCat will shortly provide the true percentage and i know im very close). If I altered the ratio at all it would be to include more Canadian content not less.