UFL: Are you a bit worried?

I'm still not convinved that the UFL will survive. It seems to me that American's just don't care about Minor-Pro football. They're already consumed with High School, College and NFL football. So we'll see what happens, but...

Should this league make it, even if for a few short years, are you even a little bit worried?

I don't think it will cause the end of the CFL... it's been around way too long for that. What I'm worried about is the talent pool. There are more than enough players to fill CFL and UFL rosters but is the CFL going to end up with the short end of the talent stick? With the UFL trying to make an agreement with the NFL will players want to play there instead?

Think of it...

  • They get to play AMERICAN rules.
  • They get to live in their home country.
  • They, in their mind, have a much better shot at getting up to the NFL.

Are we going to lose out on some of our top notch American talent? What is the pay going to be like in the UFL?

I'm not worried... YET. But there might be cause to worry a little.

The Unidentifible Football League??? NO!!!

I think the over/under on this league is 1.5 seasons....take the under.

Agreed, I am worried they've already snatched "Pac Man" from us!!

4 teams, each team play 6 games. No playoffs just the championship game. That's a total of 13 games for the entire season lasting just 8 weeks. People will just get into it and it's over.

They didn't snatch anything from us, he was unwanted trash from the NFL so the UFL was his last stop before becoming homeless.

That's the first season... if they make it to season 2 it's going to be a full schedule... with more teams.

I am not overly worried but a part of me does think in the back of my mind that we might lose some top talent.

We've survived the NFL Europe, the XFL and way back the USFL so I'll assume we can survive this too

I think it will boil down to which league has the higher salary cap,players will want to make as much coin as they can.

I have no doubt that the CFL will survive. I'm wondering if we'll lose the top talent and end up with left overs.

NFL Europe meant that players had to move even FURTHER away from home.

XFL didn't pay very much and was viewed as a gimic by a lot of people; BUT, did have a fair share of CFL talent... Crandell, Avery, McCalum, Prefontaine, Ivy, etc...

I sill still watch the CFL regardless of who plays... I'm just a bit worried that we might lose the top Americans in our league. Eventually.

"UFL: Are you a bit worried?"


It's very tough to get a new league started ... and thats usually because of the fans not showing up .. the tickets will be cheap tho .. just looked online and can find lower bowl 50 yard line tickets for 44 bucks plus the online charges ..

If they try to stay out of any other football markets they have a shot .. but as for the talent pool it would depend on how big that league gets .. it won't hurt the CFL tho .. just maybe some imports may be lured away from the CFL