UFC 249 Tonight

Anyone else going to tune in to the fights tonight? :face_with_head_bandage:

So far, only one bout has been nixed due to a positive covid test. :mask: :dizzy_face: :mask:

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Of course I will, although it will only be for the prelims. Still looking to see if Cowboy can bounce back. I hope Ngannou will rock the arena and get a championship fight for the heavyweight title.

I will also watch the two next fight nights wednesday and saturday. It's always awesome to watch a free UFC gala.


The UFC action was fantastic action on a loaded card too. How I hope they show replays instead of all this other filler crap, and the Jordan documentary has been so overdone that I am no longer interested. They easily could have turned the 10 episodes into 7 and add a recap hour or 90 minus with special guests.

Noteworthy was that you sure did not need PPV to catch of the quick Ngannou fight.

And now without the ambient crowd noise, wow can you sure hear when a fighter connects on a punch or strike!

What an awesome card that was. Amazing from bottom to top.

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