UFA Safety Tristan Clovis

As far a free agents go, I would like to sign Tristan Clovis from the Riders.
He is a Mac alum.
Comes back here in the off-season, and works at Mac.
Even though he was a LB with Mac, he started as a rookie with Sask.
He is young and agressive, just what we need.
The only gottcha is he cheered for the Argos growing-up.
Can he be forgiven???

Me too!Hes a fast guy who did alot of track before football!The grey cup ring looks good too!

Unfortunately, Tristan is still recovering from 3rd degree burns administered by Geroy Simon

Hmmm...ok. But only because his initials are T.C.

Very good, Geroy has burned many a Dback in this league, some good ones to. :lol:

He plays safety.
I somehow do not think that he was given the man-on-man assignment to cover one of the best WR in the CFL by himself from the safety position.

I'm not sold on Tristan. He only started because of injury and lack of depth on the Riders two seasons ago. Soon after Austin took over (and right after the afore mentioned burning) he was on the bench. When he was on the field, I never saw much from him. No real big hits, not always around the ball, few (if any more than the one I saw) career interceptions. I always like to root for the hometown guys but in this case he has some more to prove.

he would be an improvement from what we had last year, so that is good.

3rd degree burns and a Greycup Ring.

Yeah, a ring he won watching from the bench. Oh wait, he played guard and tackle in that game. He guarded the water bottle and tackled anyone who got to close to it.

He also played some end........... end of the bench

You know Billydee how the hell do you know he was on the bench ??

He`s a young player who will play somewhere in the CFL next season !!!

LOL!He helped them get where the got!Remember a winning team is never made of one good player.They are made of many!He was involved in many wins they had last season, even in the games we lost to them!

Ummm.... because I watched the games and someone else was playing safety.?.

BillyDee is right. There's a reason why the Riders are not re-signing Clovis.

If we are going to sign any free agent Canadian DB, we should sign Ian Logan, who played surprisingly well for the Bombers last year, in my opinion.

Not this again! If MAC is so good why don’t we sign their whole bloody team, over committing to the local university is what got us into this mess, don’t go signing somebody just because they went to the very unprestigous school of Mcmaster.

I went to McMaster.....and they haven't signed me :frowning:

Madjack , give it a rest will ya ?? Mac players had nothing to do with us only winning 3 games last season . There are Mac players all over the CFL and Obie thought enough of one to aquire him in a trade . Oh ya that`s right , I forgot , people on here are a better judge of talent than the GMS in the CFL !!!!

By the way , isnt our best offensive player a former MAC Maurader ??

May I ask all these Clovis “Haters” to provide Tristan’s 2007 Stats and give me 5 safeties with better stats from last season… Point proven!


You need to look at the big picture here.
As a CFL player making marginal money, your one fringe benifit is choosing to pick to play close to home after your third year.
Mac is the hometown team.
The guy is a 3 year CFL vet not just a Mac Vet.
The fact that he is from the area is a plus and not a minus.
Not sure where you get the "this mess was created from overcommiting to Mac???"
That is a new one.
So it is not the coaching, over-all lack of talent, poor QB play, bad defense, weak GM.
Damn you Mac!!!
And to think we picked up a Mac guy today via a trade.
Does Obie not know to stay clear of those guys?