UFA list

just wondering if all teams ufa lists are availabe and if so where can i go to see them? to be honest, i cannot see the cats being hyper active once feb 15th hits however, i do see them landing a few key players... my wish list consists of ricky foley (non-import lineman), dominique dorsey (ST player that has ability to return a kick anytime) and jovon johnson (db thatis an awesome returner). i would not mind stevie baggs either. well, once i see the full list i can put together my complete wish list!

so who is on your wish list of 2010 ufa's?

I don't believe the league has released a list. The following is NOT CONFIRMED. It's a list put together from fan forums and newspaper articles across the country with notes added where I know players have resigned since the end of the season.

Als: Kerry Watkins, Kerry Carter, John Bowman, Brian Chiu, Eric Deslauriers and Paul Lambert

Argos: Jamal Robertson, Dominique Dorsey, Reggie McNeal, Raymond Fontaine, Jonathan Brown, Obed Cetoute, P.K. Sam, Cody Pickett

Ticats: Pete Dyakowski, Cedric Gagne-Marcoux, Corey Grant, Sandy Beveridge, John Williams

Bombers: Jovon Johnson, Alexis Serna, Ryan Donnelly, Aaron Hargreaves, James Johnson, Pat McDonald, Steven Holness

Stamps: Joffrey Reynolds, Sandro DeAngelis, Jermaine Copeland, Ryan Thelwell

Esks: Patrick Kabongo (has re-signed), Byron Parker, Jason Nugent, Kai Ellis (according the Edm Journal he was close to re-signing)

Roughriders: Marcus Adams DT, Stevie Baggs DE, Chris Best LG (has re-signed), Wes Cates RB, Hugh Charles RB, Eddie Davis DB, Stu Foord RB, Jocelyn Frenette LS, Steven Jyles QB, Tad Kornegay LB, Omarr Morgan CB, Luc Mullinder DE (has re-signed), Marc Parenteau RG, James Patrick S, Chris Szarka FB, Gerran Walker WR

Lions: Ryan Grice-Mullen WR. Dean Valli OG, Ricky Foley DE plus two more. (Those two are apparently from among these names: Ian Smart, Tad Crawford, Zac Chamption, Jason Arakgi, Rolly Lumbala, Jeremy Gibbs, Alexis Bwenge, Jon Hameiser-Ries)

Just read the following extra Alouette names in an article by the Gazette football reporter. Even he's "not sure" but believes these four will also be free agents in February, along with the six named in the above post.

Defensive linemen Keron Williams and Riall Johnson; linebacker Diamond Ferri; running back Dahrran Diedrick

thanks for the info, i know that its not a “for sure” list but its something to look at and debate about who would look good in black and gold… therefore this is my quick list, just off the top of my head , who i would not mind seeing here. this list does not mean i want them all here but a few of them would be nice

Dominique Dorsey
Jovon Johnson
Byron Parker
Stevie Baggs
Ricky Foley
Jason Arakgi
Ian Smart
Tad Crawford

here this seems to be pretty good and accurate.


Guys like Keron Williams and Jovon Johnson will put us over the top.

Here's a Free Agent List from The Province: