U19 North American championship

I'm really enjoying watching this game on replay (TYVM ESPN). Canada won the last event, but the teams look pretty even this year, if also pretty sloppy, having been playing together for only 5 days total. It's pretty entertaining nevertheless. Most of these guys, certainly the Americans, are destined for top ten D1 colleges, though I suspect a handful of Canadians will also be recruited after this game. Recommended viewing.

2nd quarter: Americans leading 14-3. The commentators are already celebrating.

Some interesting developments as the game goes on. It's shaping up to a towering US O-line vs. a stout Canadian D-line. There's been a couple of 15 yard hands to the face penalties for the US, which has hurt their offence. Weak punting has also hurt the US, though they lead with 4 minutes to go in the 2nd, with Canada gaining momentum after another drive and field goal, then a muffed US punt.

Canadians, 12 men on the field penalty. Ooops :o

Wow, simply awesome coffin corner punt on the 2 by David Solie (Saskatoon, SK).

Long drive by US and a TD with seconds left. The US O-line is thus far impenetrable, coupled with speedy receivers is too much for the Canadians. Plus the Canadians can't put it in the end zone, though they seem to be able to move the ball. The Canadians seem to be having a few issues with the size of the end zone and the width of the field, as well as many other NCAA rule differences. Canada's head coach is Steve Sumarah from Carleton U. (Go Ravens!). Not an unexpected result. The team looks pretty good all things considered.

Apparently the Canadian team has several U18 players (the QB, Senecal, is 17), because of a policy change, which should help develop more players faster.

Start of 2nd half. A nice sack by Canada.

US QB Jones looks VERY good, very accurate, beginning to dominate with an excellent play fake then outrunning the secondary for a TD. 27-6.

U.S. kicked off after the TD with a half kick for about 40 yards. Not sure what that was all about. Taking the foot off the gas maybe?

Carl Chabot, 5'7", from Blainville, QC, is catching everything thrown his way. This guy has some CFL potential for sure. He's one of the best guys on the field for Canada.

Senecal showing his inexperience by doing a George Plimpton and running backwards instead of taking the sack on 4th down, giving up 10 yards on the turn over. On the other hand, the undisciplined Americans take their second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of the game.

A 50+ field goal by Solie, he of the earlier coffin corner punt.

Nearly done. Takeaways:

The US proves it can field a solid, talented, if somewhat unruly, team. Big linemen made things tough for Canada on both sides of the ball, and the receivers and backs were faster. The QB was outstanding.

Canada looked good, but couldn't finish drives. It also had very few penalties besides three or four false starts. Outstanding kicking by Solie, and solid receiving by Chabot.

Top players: Jones (QB) for US, Solie (K) for Canada.

33-11 Final.

Is this the game played in Dallas? My friends sons friend from Peterborough played long snapper for Canada. 5'9", 240lber who's 16. May not be the same game.