U16 Football Canada East/West Challenge

Here's another amateur event back after Covid hiatus.

West games take place in Langley, BC.

East games take place in Sackville, NB.

Hopefully, there will be some Youtube streams of the games--might be the only Canadian football action to be had this summer.


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The West U-16 challenge starts tomorrow.

All games will be streamed on the Football Canada YouTube channels.


Saskatchewan vs Manitoba starts in 30 minutes, at 7 pm EDT.

BC vs Alberta starts at 10 pm EDT:

Just caught a few minutes of this game. Not bad quality. I'm wondering how the heck they find a 15-year-old who weighs 275 lbs!

And Saskatchewan rolls over Manitoba for a birth in the final on Wednesday.

And the host team pulls off the victory over Alberta:

This kid was dominant:

I wouldn't be too surprised to see him in the CFL one day.

Hey Dave, is there a roster for the Team MB U16?

I found this one. Do you know any of these kids?

Team MB U16 Top 40 Roster
Name PHONETIC PRON # Position Height Weight School City/Town
Ryan Wirtzfeld Ryan Wurts-feld 12 QB 6'1 162 Oak Park Winnipeg
Ethan Funk Ethan Funk 13 QB 5'6 135 St. Vital Mustangs Morris
Onan Furst Onan First 34 RB 5'10 200 Oak Park Winnipeg
Owen Britton Owen Britton 28 RB 5'10 170 Vincent Massey Winnipeg
Amid Kanu Ah-mead Kanu 11 RB 5'6 152 Dakota Winnipeg
David Sindikubwabo David Cindy-coob-wahbow 22 WR 5'9 155 Dakota Winnipeg
Mason Voogt Mason Vote 9 WR 5'10 140 Dakota Winnipeg
Mikun Odunuga Me-coon Ode-un-newga 14 WR 5'9 151 Dakota Winnipeg
Conner Plante Conner Pluh-on-tuh 4 WR 5'8 160 Dakota Winnipeg
Max Payne Max Pain 88 WR 6'1 185 Grant Park Winnipeg
Brady Templeton Brady Templeton 3 WR 5'5 130 Vincent Massey Winnipeg
Reid Monkman Reed Monkman 80 WR 5'5 127 Dakota Winnipeg
Carter Kalcsics Carter Kel-sex 55 OL 6'0 220 Dakota Winnipeg
Landon Street Landon Street 69 OL 6'2 250 Grant Park Winnipeg
Lochlan Gouchie Lock-lan Gow-chee 66 OL 5'11 300 Hammarskjord Thunder Bay Ont
Jack Prettie Jack Pretty 56 OL 6'0 272 Oak Park Winnipeg
Landyn Mann Landon Man 60 OL 6'2 265 St. Patrick's Thunder Bay Ont
Daatin Dubuc-Morrisseau Dayton Duh-buck More-ah-so 64 OL 6'1 260 Grant Park Winnipeg
Linkin Zylstra Linkin Zuh-lil-stra 90 DL 6'2 275 Grant Park Winnipeg
Xavier Brunel-Torrie Zuh-ave-ur Brew-nel-Tore-e 44 DL 6'1 235 Oak Park Winnipeg
Kieran Robertshaw Keyr-ren Robertshaw 96 DL 6'0 345 Steinbach Regional Steinbach
Holdyn Presenger Hold-in Press-enger 99 DL 6'1 208 Westgate Thunder Bay Ont
Connor Brindley Connor Brindlee 41 DL 5'11 215 St. Patrick's Thunder Bay Ont
Ryan North Ryan North 94 DL 6'0 195 Dakota Winnipeg
Sutherland Fox Sutherland Fox 68 DL 6'2 220 Dauphin Regional Dauphin
Jesse Deneka Jesse Den-ick-a 36 LB 5'9 165 Grant Park Winnipeg
Jake Godfrey Jake God-free 52 LB 6'2 185 Dakota Winnipeg
Graycen Ross Grey-son Ross 5 LB 5'11 203 Oak Park Winnipeg
Nolan Poirier Nolan Pour-e-eh 45 LB 5'7 139 St. Ignatius Thunder Bay Ont
Arnav Dabas Arnav Duh-bas 54 LB 5'9 180 St. Paul's Winnipeg
Ethan Haarsma Ethan Hars-ma 7 LB 5'11 180 Undecided Winnipeg
Jackson Rosolowich Jackson Rose-olo-wich 53 LB 5'9 164 Maples Winnipeg
Taylor Main Taylor Main 87 DB 5'11 150 Hammarskjord Thunder Bay Ont
Christian Donaldson Christian Donaldson 10 DB 5'11 140 Miles Macdonell Winnipeg
Mackenzie Aranguiz Mack-n-zee Uh-ran-gees 24 DB 5'8 150 Grant Park Winnipeg
Brayden Hyde Brayden Hide 2 DB 5'9 160 St. Paul's Winnipeg
Alex Klenk Alex Kluhenk 1 DB 5'6 120 Dakota Winnipeg
Harry Kozar Harry Kuh-oh-zar 16 DB 5'6 150 Hammarskjord Thunder Bay Ont
Jaxson Diakiw Jackson Die-ah-kew 21 DB 5'8 140 Dakota Winnipeg
Owen Sampson Owen Sampson 6 DB 5'9 159 Oak Park Winnipeg


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Here's the rest of the schedule. Times are PDT.

Wednesday, July 6

Bronze Medal: Alberta vs. Manitoba, 4 p.m.

Championship: Saskatchewan vs. B.C., 7 p.m


The East U16 Challenge is scheduled to take place July 19th-24th at Alumni Field in Sackville, NB.

Alberta up on Manitoba for the bronze:

Saskatchewan wins the gold.
BC silver.
Alberta bronze.

The East challenge runs in a couple of weeks:

East Challenge Schedule:

July 21st, 2022

1 4:00pm: Quebec (1) vs New Brunswick (4)

2 7:00pm: Ontario (2) vs Nova Scotia (3)

The East challenge starts tomorrow.

The U16 Eastern Canadian Challenge (ECC) will feature teams from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The ECC will be held at Mount Allison University in Sackville from July 19-24, with games on Thursday July 21 and Sunday July 24.



Game 1: 4:00pm – Ontario vs Nova Scotia

Game 2: 7:00pm – Quebec vs New Brunswick


Game 3: 4:00pm Bronze: Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2

Game 4: 7:00pm Gold: Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2

Here's a link for the Ontario-Nova Scotia game at 3 PM EDT:

The first games went as expected, with the larger provinces steam-rolling the smaller one.

Let's see if Ontario and New Brunswick can get revenge for their Canada Cup losses.

Today's bronze and gold-medal games:

Quebec gets the gold, Ontario silver, Nova Scotia bronze.

Now we need a sponsor to step up and pay to get the East champ Quebec in a game against the West champ Saskatchewan.