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You have to wonder though did they drop it intentionally .

Many wonder why Grey Cup weekend and Vanier are not played on the same weekend at same venue .

Canadian football weekend is a no brainer .

Let Laval and QC get on board with a CFL team and they can host . Would give a impetus to change their ways .

They can play Friday Night or Saturday .

Makes that one weekend in November just a little more traditional and give the Canadian audience watching more cultural attachment to our three down game .

Why bother drafting a Canadian QB when nobody will allow him to play or even develop ? Maybe the Amer GMs can fit him in on STs… We are a stupid country that lets others dictate to us and don’t forget we love being seen as nice guys so much that we ignore our own. We have the ‘We aren’t good enough’ syndrome down pat and we believe it.

It really is sad and embarrassing.

I think I will. Which network was it that was advertising “Football is back!” with reference to the NFL? Was that the CBC(The Corpse) or TSN?


It always seems to me that the CBC uses my tax money to shill for every special interest group but my own.


I agree! Attendance at Vanier Cup games benefits from being paired with Grey Cup games.

Incidentally the CBC has just acquired the right to telecast this year’s Vanier Cup game.

Good stuff . :smiley:

Never really knew about the complaints part first hand until I had a issue with streaming . Was surprised how much knowledge they would give you on what their mandate is and what they consider examining . My complaint at the time was a bait and switch with a steaming platform .

I recall the Super Bowl commercial complaint and thought yah they do investigate and decide on some issues that I would never think of as being worthy .

American commercials ?

Who would have thought commercials were important enough to rule on in favour of Canadians being able to watch them . So the complaint was access for those viewers .

Now for U sports not getting any Canadian investment thru Can Con .

My whole issue is Canadian Content with the CRTC . The issue for me is pro teams considered can con yet their only can con is where the home team is located . Even the sports news is US heavy content .

Don’t have a problem with programming in general just believe they should do more actual can con investment to further our culture . Ramping up Toronto as a wanna be US city with US leagues should not be considered can con .

That’s it really I just want fair can con rules be applied to help my interest in three down football against rich media conglomerates promoting foreign content as can con .

No argument here.

Do you know where the Quebec or Canada West games can be found?? (For free)

Unfortunately, no. The West charges for their streams (https://cw.yaretv.com/), and Quebec has a broadcast deal which you can subscribe to to watch streams at TVA Sports.

Upon further digging, I see that McGill and Concordia both offer free streams of their teams’ games.



A fitting choice of words!


CBC to cover the Vanier Cup.

THIS JUST IN: We’ll have full coverage of the 2019 Vanier Cup live from Quebec City on November 23rd! @USPORTSca https://t.co/fl66IDaODj


Glad to hear they answered the bell. Hopefully they can pick up the round prior. Maybe even the start of long term plan to get U Sports Football on a larger platform.

Good news albeit the Vanier only a few weeks away. The promotion should have been all year, along with the GC…There is no marketing… Somebody mentioned the Raptor’s marketing and yes it borders on overkill. I have to shut it all off. Just too much but you see their brand everywhere… the CFL with TSN can do the same.

Like to see them grab the two semi Cup finals leading up to it .

Really glad they got on board with the Vanier .

Hopefully ,

They could do a game of the week and pick and choose one from all over the country where they have homecoming games well attended or rivalry games that get attention .

Skys the limit if they want some great Canadian content that is reasonable in cost .

Yes, so would I!

Exactly. Long overdue by CBC

I’ve said this but I’ll repeat it since it’s been a few years…

I find it ridiculous that we have two national sports networks that have 12 or 13 channels combined and neither of these can put out a USports game of the week.

I realize that these games might not be a huge ratings bonanza but these networks are always screaming for Cancon. Maybe even a regional game of the week to boost ratings on the regional channels.

CHCH here in Hamilton used to do an OUA game each week and TSN used to give some decent coverage. Then Rogers swooped in, took the contract for seemingly no other reason that to stop anyone else from having it.

One of my biggest complaints about the CFL is that they don’t do enough to encourage Canadian growth of the game and deprive themselves of much-needed homegrown talent. Really wish the league would get involved somehow with pushing for more exposure during their contract negotiations.

Surely TSN or Rogers can spare a 3-hour slot every week for football as opposed to darts poker or snooker.

Thanks for putting up with my rant.

Totally agree.

TSN’s decision to go for six hours of CFL on Saturdays might have stopped them from going after USports football this year. Hopefully they rethink that this off-season.

Plus, as you say, the fact that they have so many channels means they could be airing USports on one channel and CFL on the other. I know I’d welcome USport highlights and updates during breaks in a CFL game rather than just getting more chatter from the guys in the booth.

And with USports schools now producing their own games to stream online perhaps TSN could show the games without having to invest in their own production crews.

I was able to watch part of the German bowl in this manner. It was just on their steaming service but agreed there’s no reason why they can’t put games on the feeds.