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Even though I think this should be on the main forum I put it here.

It’s a bloody shame we cannot see any of the games this Sat on TV. Some good football to be played and it is ignored by all the networks. At least we get to see the cups leading up to the Vanier unless they decide otherwise. Why we keep cutting our own throats in this country is beyond me.

A perfect example; there is a direct link on the U Sports web page to this CFL web site but there is no link from here to the U Sports site…the place we draft our Canadian boys from for our league and we ignore them.

Sad and embarrassing.

Thank Rogers for lack of tv coverage. They bought the rights and decided to bury it. Heaven forbid if they showed “Canadian” Football on Rogers Sportsnet!

Thankfully, the deal with the Devil (contract) ends this year. Maybe TSN can pick up the ball and get the TV rights and show more Canadian university sports.

I agree that USports football is highly undervalued and underpromoted.

But, there is a direct link to USports on the CFL.ca page . . . in fine print way at the bottom under “Affiliates”.

And you should be able to catch the OUA games here:https://oua.yaretv.com/

And the AUS games here:http://www.austv.ca/

Though why they’re not broadcast on Sportsnet or TSN or CBC, I don’t know.

I hope so too. USport football used to get decent numbers on TSN, a few hundred thousand, IIRC.

Maybe a return to TSN or CBC could re-ignite the idea of a Super-8 division in USports football.

I didn’t even know there was no contract as it expired last year.

A real chicken and egg thing here it seems. How can any network not pick it up when both Sportsnet and TSN have so many channels. Even if it’s on their streaming platform. Heck I was able to watch a TSN stream of the German Bowl a few weeks ago.

U Sports football has never been this invisible.

I agree.

And go Western Mustangs!


Sorry NO way does TSN get a pass .

Football LIVES here is bull crap .

TSN or Bell or Rogers is not a friend of Canadian anything they are just a business .

Because heaven forbid they have to actually have to broadcast with a crew /cameras etc …and cost some dollars it is just so much easier and better for their bottom line to put some NCAA games on Simulcast .

If only people would complain to the CRTC and let them know we want Canadian sports on a Canadian sports channel .

They actually have to listen and investigate that’s their mandate .

Just don’t complain about streaming their is NO national body in Canada that governs streaming .

Why is the CBC not broadcasting the U games they have GEM and whole lot of MY money going towards it with hardly any content directed at my entertainment .

Linking to a site in your main navigation bar doesn’t mean squat in 2019; people don’t click nav bar links, nobody’s got time for that. Nowadays people land directly on an article that they saw on Facebook / Twitter / the home page because it’s a piece of content that they find appealing. To that extent CFL.ca does lots of U Sports content; in fact we have an article on the home page right now:

#UniversityBlitz: U SPORTS Playoffs Kick Off

I must be a nobody then because I have time for it and I click nav bar links.

There have been some articles in the last few months and I am glad for that but the connection to U Sports football is far too little, not lots.

I’m a Canadian. Excuse me for wanting to wave the flag once in a while. I promote the U football far more than I see the CFL do… I like Duane Forde though. He’s a fan like myself.

Thanks Dave for you direction to the link on the CFL page. I guess I didn’t notice it seeing how it’s at the bottom of the page.

Question: Is it the job of the media to create interest? Or does interest create the need for media to cover it?

Why should TSN or CBC cover a sport or an event attended by so few with virtually nobody demanding it?

and 'm not debating the legitimacy of the product.

We’re talking about the CBC here their programming is a smorgasborg of little interest and it doesn’t stop them from producing content nobody is interested in .

CTV , Global and City TV dominate the ratings with US TV shows .

The Panda game in Ottawa was the biggest audience for a football game this year in Ottawa .

I live down the road from a 8,000 seat stadium in Kingston that is well attended and supported .

Plus CBC have a huge mandate to program for a Canadian audience for Canadian’s interest .

Plus CBC is supplemented by our tax dollars and they have no problem shilling for interest groups .

How much interest is their really for the NCAA or F1 on TSN ?

Lots of interest for U sports football when they TSN broadcasted it before .

They Received better ratings than MLS but TSN and CTV seem to broadcast it with no problem .

It is a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation.

My concern is that USports football used to draw decent numbers when it was on TSN and those numbers fell off greatly after Rogers bought the rights. Is that fall off because there interest just waned or did the lack of coverage cause the loss of interest?

I don’t know what USports was asking for those rights, but I can’t imagine that they were more costly than other sports TSN pays for that draw lower ratings . . . although it could well be that the cost to TSN was in production rather than in rights.

With USports being amateur and Canadian, it’d fill CBC’s mandate.

Perhaps the issue isn’t with the broadcasters not wanting the product. Perhaps USports just wanted to try their own thing by setting up their own streaming services.

Although RSEQ has some sort of broadcast deal wtih TVA Sports in Quebec. I wonder what that is worth and what the ratings are.

It’s your country…your universities, your Football! You shouldn’t have to rely on streaming to watch your game! That is just absurd to me and always has been. Now myself? I’m not Canadian but still love to watch U Sports when I can. The heart break comes when the playoffs hit. They don’t even stream them. And the Vanier Cup?? I can’t even find a replay of last years game anywhere online. How is 3-Down ball ever going to go global when Canadians can’t even watch their own Universities play on TV?

Thumbs UP .

Like Hank says, this is thumbs up… I was going to mention how I would have to watch a game but I do appreciate Dave letting us know. He’s on our side in this !

If games were on TV then they could judge viewership but to not have games on and say that no one wants to watch is absurd. I understand some of the reg season games not on but all the playoff games should be broadcast. The CFL above all should be promoting their own supply line…Maybe we can embarrass them into action. I don’t care about global players. I care about Canadian players. Guys who grew up here and played OUR game.

Thanks geo365 for your honesty.

Marauders and Mustangs in the Yates cup next week. Great games today that I was able to watch but as I stated before, That will be the last I see of U Sports Football. Canada West charges for their games and the RSEQ doesn’t stream any that I know of. What an absolute shame!

[td]Andreas Dueck[/td]

Ranked number 1 in all of Canada. he had an incredible game.

Just watched the Warriors vs Mustangs game. Some solid Canadian quarterbacks coming up. Dueck from McMaster, Ford from Waterloo, Merchant from Western. Merchant is up in the next draft, while Ford and Dueck are 2021. Trey Humes, the Western TB, also looked really good. He’s up this year too.

Nobody drafted Merchant last draft???

Thank you!

The 2012 Vanier Cup - a game I was at with 37,000+ other loud fans - the rematch of 'the 2011 Vanier Cup ‘the best game ever’ between Mac and Laval not only drew a big crowd but also a HUGE TV audience.

Record Audience Watches VANIER CUP on TSN and RDS

� TSN and RDS� coverage of the 2012 VANIER CUP delivers average audience of 910,000 viewers �
� Overall, more than 3.3 million Canadians watched some of the CIS football championship game on Friday night �
According to audience data from BBM Canada, TSN�s average audience was 502,000 viewers � its most-watched CIS broadcast ever. RDS� French-language broadcast attracted an average audience of 408,000 viewers that saw Laval Rouge et Or defeat the McMaster Marauders in a rematch of last year�s thrilling VANIER CUP.

So since then somebody has dropped the ball.