U Sports Football players lose final year of football due to the pandemic

Some of the players who are 24 are unable to play their final year of football and will not get an extension.

Abrupt end to some careers

Could have tried to move the season into the spring for this year only.

Feel for the players whose career ended before stepping on the field.

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something to stop the good ones from moving on to the NFL?

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Not necessarily but it will be challenging for them if they want that opportunity.

If there is a hope for a spring season, I really hope they all these players to play. Imagine in the players mind, I have one more year to play, and a last shot to make it to the next level and have that dream taken away. So unfair.

I believe the decision to cancel their eligibility is a mistake.

Players should not be punished for events that were out their control.

Perhaps the CFL should immediately hold a supplemental draft for anyone who is "covided" out of eligibility and hasn't already been drafted.

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USports and or the CFL should do something in the spring to make up for this. These are different circumstances. Focus on your Canadian talent before the 2.0. The 4th year athletes would love the opportunity to have some film.

Other than the XFL 2.0, I wonder if anyone ever considered recruiting talent from outside the U system like in the old days of football?

There were a few exceptional players in the XFL who were NFL quality, but never had the opportunity to participate in the NFL because they were kicked out of school for academic reasons.

Having a two week or month long try out where players are chosen based on their performance regardless of whether or not they finished or even participated in the U system?

Here's another idea.

Would they now be eligible to try out for the CFL at this time as they now are not able to play their final year of football eligibility.

It's for just those players that lost their eligibility.

If they aren't already eligible to be signed then CFL&CIS need to formally agree to make them free agents ... seems fair ... don't know how may undrafted CIS players ever make the CFL anymore (honestly just don't know) but it seems fair to give the guys the chance for teams to sign them if they have interest.

Looks like U Sports might look to revisit the ruling due to backlash from players and coaches.

Am on the players side on this.

This was a political decision in haste.

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How many of this players would actually make the CFL never mind NFL?
If they are good enough they will make it to the top!
Good U Decision.

Unfortunately not as many at the skilled positions (mainly at QB).

Only a 8 game season compared to 12 at the NCAA.

Divide the games into scrimmage plays gives you an idea of the learning curve.