U SPORTS East-West Bowl returns for 2022 in Hamilton

TORONTO — U SPORTS has announced the return of the East-West Bowl game after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, and that McMaster University will host the 18th edition of the top prospect showcase at 12:00 pm ET on Saturday, May 7th.

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you would think that they would do this before the draft not after the draft.. Like the CHL in hockey does with the top prospects game before the draft

This game features prospects for next year's draft, not this year's.

I supposed it's easier to get the athletes to participate in May, when the semester has just recently ended than it would be in the busy study months after the Vanier and before the draft?

If camps begin 3rd week of may, why not have game last week of April on the weekend while the draft is a week or two later

I think camps begin around mid August.

The East-West game is a one-off special event, so who knows what kind of shape the players are in. It will have been 6+ months since they've suited up for their school teams.

Edit: Oh wait, you must mean CFL camps. Last week of April is time for finals for many/most universities. That might not work for the students. Also, risk of injury maybe?

Been saying this for a long time - the CFL should put together an all-star Bowl game featuring top Canadians who will be up for their next draft: the top U Sports players, plus maybe a few of the NCAA Canucks could attend, and invite a few Junior ball all-stars as well. Hold it in late Dec. as a finale to the Canadian football season (BC Place or the Big Owe ?). And get it on National TV !

The U Sports East-West is nice - but it's in the Spring before real football season, it gets little to no hype or attention, and it's for next year's CFL draft prospects.

if its May 7th your trying to tell me that you can plan it the weekend before.. or have the game on the 1st saturday and the draft the following wednesday

Yeah, maybe something like that would work. Give GMs and scouts a week to review film and come up with their draft strategies.

The timing of the East-West game being a full year before the draft is defintely strange, isn't it.

I like ont's idea above, about having it in December after the USport season. That way, players would still be somewhat in game shape.

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I have a son playing in this game. Does anyone now if it is being streamed to view? Thanks