U SPORTS cancels all fall 2020 sports

However I hate to bring in politics into this equation, but I can't help to think how the liberal academia that is running all universities, colleges and frankly the entire educational systems has permeated down into athletics.

What is far more important at least to me is intramural athletics and recreation in colleges and universities in Canada and providing this as an opportunity for all students to participate. Unfortunately costs are a factor in any program and if varsity sports are too costly to operate for whatever reason, well that then is what it is I'm afraid. It is entirely different from how sports are operated in colleges and universities in the US and alumni in Canada, from my understanding, don't contribute financially to sports in colleges and universities nearly to the extent that they do in the US.

Should they be placed ahead of the health of others?

Things are not as rosy as many think:
Family gathering leads to at least 15 COVID-19 cases in B.C.

CIS Football may have to move to the Laval/Carleton model where the program is funded outside the school's athletic budget

If many schools are planning to have the fall semester on-line, there would be no student body for a roster anyways.

It's a tough decision to make but if they know already it's not doable, the season is so short it can't be condensed. Better to let people know now and not string things along.

and the kids from daycare aren't coming home and hugging mommy and daddy and so on and so on and so on....

You do realize that the primary purpose of a university is to teach, educate, and advance knowledge, right? Sports are “extracurricular”, because they are secondary to the universities’ primary purpose.

Sadly, student life is not primarily bread and circuses.

And that is one anecdotal case. Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water here.

Secondly, the season wouldn't begin for them for another 2.5 months. Thats a lifetime right now. New York state went from 1000 new deaths a day down to well under 100 in just over one month. A lot can happen during that time. The athletes can be quarantined before and during the season just like many other sporting entities that are re-starting up well before U Sport would have.

Yes we know they are expensive. Its up to schools to meet the challenge and actually grow their business. Sadly they haven't done that, so when something like this happens, you lose your ability to operate immediately.

The real world equivalent would be you buy a house but are literally living paycheque to paycheque so as soon as any bump in the road appears, you lose everything. Would that be considered smart management of money? No.
So same goes for U Sport programs. American schools (even small ones) have large endowments, and deep connections with alumni that will help them weather storms such as these. In Canada, not so much.

Hope we all are safe in our safe zones where the state and the CFL are one collective .

After the CFL chat site nonsense of over censorship one sided the CFL does not deserve one dollar of any of my money .

It can fold like the fake Canadiana is is with zero CDN Qb's but describes itself as some Canadian sport .

It's because of that extra curricular and secondary wording that we as parents are encouraging our kids towards opportunities in the US for sports and education.

Typical Canadian Inferiority Complex.

I don't have the actual numbers, but am willing to go on record as saying that the number of students who attend university primarily to obtain an education, greatly exceeds the number of students who attend primarily to play sports. At least in Canada where access to scholarships and professional sports opportunities are more limited.

Don't think that is a "Canadian Inferiority Complex" as much as it is not letting the tail wag the dog.

Competition brings out the best.

That type of life skill can make a difference in individuals confidence.