U SPORTS cancels all fall 2020 sports

I like to know who are these people who made this stupid decision.
The Dr. Fauci flip floppers of the world.

Just par for the course of that inept organization. Full of knee-jerk decisions where the young student athletes, are an afterthought

Another excuse they found for sports targeting.

They open daycares across the province (vulnerable little ones), but won't let healthy athletes play sports....very very strange

Shows to the history of Canada never getting behind their athletes at the amateur level.

The various conferences in the NCAA are searching for solutions to their sports.

The U Sports brass, on the other hand, take the first decision without any regards to students and athletes involved.

Signing with Rogers Media for sports is a prime example of that leadership.

I think they cancelled way too soon .

With the numbers going down and the fact the virus kills overwhelmingly people with compromised immune systems the risk should be consent driven .

Nobody should be forced to do anything that I agree with but those who wish to participate or do whatever should be allowed the risk just like every other risk in life we take .

Something like football where you can be crippled for life with extreme sport injuries is not exactly safe to begin with .

They could have waited and seen what was happening and decide then .

As far as online classes if that's what they' re doing I say cut universities off the dole period the money spent on liberal arts classes should be wiped out as a cost saving measure they are absolutely useless in real life .

Totally agree. Canadian athletes are like struggling artists. Meanwhile they are revenue generators for Canada. Government officials are all proud when a Canadian team or athlete wins cups and gold medals, but doesn't get behind them during the process.

Every 4 years during the Summer Olympics we hear from Canadians about how good of a country we are while our athletes are getting destroyed on the field.

The little ones they are using actual science and the older one's pseudo possibilities built on guesses that something would happen to someone especially faculty who are tenured to the nines .

I don't know what the rationale is for the AUS to cancel their season. Nova Scotia has one active case of COVID (ref:https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/data/) and their curve it very flat. New Brunswick has seen a spike (25 cases now, ref:https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/corporate/promo/covid-19.html), but have handled it very well.

The Atlantic Football League announced yesterday that they have cancelled their season (ref:https://atlanticfootball.co/news/2020-06-09-atlantic-football-league-cancels-2020-season/).

Don't feel its for the kids its faculty and staff that maybe older and of course risk free with tenure and all that security so why risk it with a virus .

For those ripping U Sports for cancelling, Football programs a massively expensive to run.

'FINANCES ARE BRUTAL RIGHT NOW': Universities sacking football this fall

The same basic considerations surrounding a return to play are holding sway at all levels of the game; the health and safety of players, coaches, officials, team personnel, fans and the community at large; and finances. On the latter point, trickle-down economics are a major part of the problem. Last year, the CFL donated $4 million to amateur football in Canada through in-stadium 50/50 draws and other initiatives.

That money won’t be flowing this year. The CFL will either scrap its season entirely, or play games with either no fans or drastically reduced numbers. Both scenarios would have a debilitating impact on the massive 50/50 returns that have been so important to amateur teams like the University of Regina Rams and Regina Thunder, and the University of Alberta Golden Bears, Edmonton Wildcats and Edmonton Huskies.

U of A athletic director Ian Reade said the university’s internal spend on football is about $450,000 per year, while head coach Chris Morris and his fund-raising team generate another $600,000. But the pandemic already shut down most fund-raising, and stands to shrink university revenues as well.

“Those (external) sources of revenue have been just completely decimated. Casinos shut down, golf tournaments shut down,” said Reade. “Most universities in western Canada were hard hit by the interpretation that students aren’t going to be on campus so they may not pay fees, which would take hundreds of thousands of dollars out of your budget. So it’s compounded by that. It’s not just COVID. The finances are brutal right now.”

They have re double their efforts to raise money when students do come back and also come up with ideas of their instead of looking to the CFL for the time being.

Didn't realize both leagues have bad business models.

I was just reading this too. So it's more of a business/money decision. I guess that makes sense. It just sucks for the athletes.

It's still early and no attempt made to get funds to replace the philanthropy counted on .

its always about money. The money football raises at universities does not go back to the football program but funds all other sports and intermurals. This is another reason they say football doesn't make any money. The model doesn't work, why should football fund intermural table tennis?

I do agree with that statement.

My fear is the universities will use this pandemic as a excuse to cancel not just football but other team sports citing costs.

Cannot understand the logic of giving just academic students more value than student athletes.

Would prefer well rounded people than one dimensional ones.

Student athletes are treated no different than academic students when it comes to the actual role/purpose of a university ... ACADEMICS ... the only special treatment/greater value is paying for student athletes to play their sports

While I understand the value of Academics as it should be important, there's value added to it with athletics and or any other activities attached to it.

It's also about keeping Canadian Students here instead of having to go down south to pursue athletic opportunities.

One of the reasons I have my kids in lacrosse is they are opportunities in the US in terms of scholarships as long as they strive for achievements in academics.

I don't believe there's any lacrosse in U Sports that I know of.

But what percentage of a universities students received the added value ... directly (athletes) or even indirectly (fans who attend)?

I agree that athletics does add value for some, but what percentage of students does that represent? ... in the current circumstances schools have to focus on the 100% of students serviced by the academics and not treat athletes specially ...

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