U SPORTS cancels all fall 2020 sports

Hope this isn't an indication of where we're heading.

U Sports need clarity - for funded athletes, staffs, coaches & team managers. Some also pay rent at external facilities so a heads up is appreciated.

However, look at Manitoba for example. Coach/Mgr. Brian Dobie has been at the helm here for nearly 25 years. He's drawing $145,000 to $185,000 per year and doesn't have much of a teaching load anymore.

The conundrum is that Dobie will no doubt keep sucking down his huge salary while others, including athletes suffer from disappearing scholarships, high costs for board & room, books, tuitions, transportation, etc.

If Dobie wants to dispute the numbers he's welcome to - but a U Sports coach retaining his salary when everyone else gets dumped is not a great example.

Looking like schools are going to be online?

Was thinking they would be playing with no fans, not that many universities in Canada have a large number of regular paying fans to come out.

So far only Canada West has cancelled their sports for the fall.

Other conferences will follow suit soon enough.

It's official

All sports are cancelled this fall.

Too bad. Better safe than sorry.

Hopefully they do come back next season.

Well, even though I am sad there is a bright point. I won't have to fret about not seeing a Usports football game that is being played but not televised.

Sad. I was planning on going to a few St. XF games.

RSEQ looks like they haven't cancelled at this time.
CFL News Retweeted

Unless public health explicitly prevents them from playing I think the RSEQ will play football this fall From my convos yesterday it’s clear the financial fall out from no local season is significant RSEQ also have a TV deal w TVA Sports & they want to deliver content #USports

Is the contract with TVA good enough for them to play with no fans?

Hard to imagine it would be ... TVA has been losing money big time

Maybe because they've been overpaying for properties like RSEQ football?

It sucks that Canadian University football programs are cut due to C-19,
It could be turned into an opportunity for the CFL shortened season ,
If the CFL goes into a "Hub" concept with all teams playing out of 1 or 2 areas,
then many nearby University facilities would be available to the out of area CFL teams

Well QC is their own country...
Glad they may get some games in.
It is also an advantage to have film on their players for the 2021 draft.

If the West Universities are doing online courses, there will be lots of rooms available.

If the universities are closed to students, including dorms, where are the athletes going to stay, and why would they journey to the university city just to take their classes online? Unless the student/athlete feels he is guaranteed a draft position, or even better, a roster spot, why would he pay the extra residence or rental fees? Seems counter productive, doesn't it?

A panicked, over the top move in June.

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Universities need to make plans far enough in advance for students to adapt ... as they commit to virtual courses rather than live classes it is hard to justify allowing athletes back on campus to play sports

The universities will lose money this year with online classes and no revenue from sports. Without students attending games, they will lose money. The decision to kill the season was made when they decided to go with the on line model.
If they decide to do something in the spring for the athletes, a combine or pro-day, where are the out of town athletes going to stay? Will they pay to travel?They have given up their residence spots or off campus rentals. More pressure on the athletes.

That in itself is questionable as there are so called experts on both sides of the issue.
For me, return to normal is required instead of the status quo as there is every indication the virus has evaporated to the point of shorly moving on with the hot weather and sun.
Again especially 3 months down the road for the school year.

I'm certain they set a drop-dead date for when it was reasonable for not the schools and the students to make all the necessary plans ... when I was in university I always had my next year's accommodation set well before now.

I agree, Covid seems to be disappearing. This should be promising news for getting back to football, but a rash decision on pulling university football in June doesn't look good.
We need to get back to normal.

With many schools already confirming that they are doing online classes, it is not a surprise. Although with how short the Usport season is, I am surprised they didn't push all fall sports into the spring. They could have a shortened season, with just a regional champion.

Still very disappointed that there will be no season. Especially for all the student athletes.

I wonder if we will see a bunch of last minute transfer attempts to schools in leagues that are not cancelled. Or even players looking at the CJFL. They only get a few fans to the game, so it would be figuring out how to deal with the health of the players and coaches.