U Sports (Canadian college football)

Western is up early 7-0 on Queen's.

The broadcast quality is pretty good, with Mark Lee doing the pbp. I think he's at least as good as anyone TSN has calling CFL games.

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Queens is playing nervous .

Yep. Down 14-0 now.

Hopefully they can make a game of it.

In AUS action, StFX is up 3-0 early in the 2nd. Every time I check on that stream, it's all pixelated.

I picked Western to go all the way as the Vanier Cup winner.

Watching the game. Queen's has some "1960s-like" uniforms that have me wanting some hotdogs and hamburgers.

Tough turnover. Queen's was putting together a nice drive.

Lol, they should contact French's mustard and try to convince them to sponsor the team.

Oh Queen's has always had barf uniforms. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it's kind of their thing, isn't it?

Well, we're seeing now why the experts were all picking Western. The better teams were definitely in the OUA West this year.

Western up 26-0 late in the first half.

In the other game, StFX is up 9-0 late at the half.

StFX and Bishop's are tied at 9 in the third. Unfortunately (for me at least), the stream quality is terrible.

Now 10-9 for Bishop's.

25-10 StFX in the 4th.

The Yates is still a blowout, with Western up 29-0. I'm looking forward to seeing them play again next week and maybe in the Vanier.

I see Manitoba is up 16-12 over Saskatchewan at the half. That would be something of an upset if they hold on.

Well something happened in the 2nd half. The final score is 45-17 Saskatchewan!

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So that means next week's Mitchell Bowl will see St.FX visiting Western.

And the Uteck Bowl will see Saskatchewan traveling to Montreal.

The AUS team is usually the weakest of the four, but the other three teams all look capable of winning it all. Montreal got a bye week, though, so they might be healthier.

Looks like both Bowls this week will be streamed on CBC.

Uteck Bowl

Mitchell Bowl

If the streams attract good numbers, pehaps they'll broadcast these games on the main OTA network next year, and bump rugby, skiing, short track, and bobsleigh to the online streams.

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Excellent thanks for keeping track of this. I plan to watch if there's no charge and it's open to everyone on planet earth with an internet connection.

It's on the CBC website and streaming app. Anyone in Canada can watch for sure, but I don't know if it'll be available outside Canada. If you use a VPN you can set to Canada, though, you should be able to catch the games.

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From what I can gather, the Saskatchewan vs Montreal game with feature several draft picks from CFL teams.

The Alouettes have a player on each team: Colton Klassen (WR/RB) from the Huskies and Ethan Makonzo (DB) from the Carabins.

The Redblacks have Conor Berglof (OL) from the Huskies.

The Argos have Sam Baker (WR) from the Huskies.

The Elks have Nicholas Summach (OL) from the Huskies.

I couldn't find any CFL draftees on either Western or StFX.

Mitchell Bowl is live:

Ohio State vs Michigan right now.... Hopefully it will be recorded for watching it later?

I'm not sure if it will . . . but it's looking like a big-time blowout near the end of the first quarter, so maybe you won't want to watch it later.

30-0 early in the second. StFX just cannot stop Western's run game.

44-0 halfway through the second. More evidence for the need of a Northern 8 setup in USports football. Northern 8 - Wikipedia

51-3 at halftime. Western has three RBs who have either surpassed or are pretty close to 100 yards rushing . . . in one half! Of the three, the lowest yards/carry is 11.6. And the trio have combined for 6 rushing TDs.

Time for Saskatchewan at Montreal

Not coming in very well on the CBC gem streaming site right now .

Hope it gets fixed.