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Ok, now it's 6:30PM, Eastern time, on Sunday, November 28 and there's still NO game final scores for yesterday's final four action! :confused:

Hope that doesn't mean someone in charge of the website had a personal emergency. :grimacing:

Mustangs will absolutely destroy the Huskies in Quebec. Destroy them.

I agree. As soon as the final four scores get updated, I'll run a pure points simulation to see what the final score prediction will be. Notice I said 'as soon as the scores get updated.'


My gut feeling is it will be a major league blowout win for Western.

Can't do a pure points prediction on the Western vs. Saskatchewan Vanier Cup because there are no common opponents to compare. Therefore, it's down to height/weight/speed/agility data on individual players to figure out the final score.

Outside of the final four (Mitchell and Uteck Bowls) U Sports Football don't and won't play teams outside their own conferences.

There was a proposed Northern 8 League tabled back in 2015.

It was dropped due to resistance from the Ontario universities.

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Yay Mustangs!



Do we know the reasons for the resistance? Has that ever been revealed?

Something about effect on standings and schooling.

Fairly vague.

Let's take a step backward. What was the Northern 8 proposal?

Hope this helps.

I don't like the idea for two reasons:

  1. Travel costs. The Northern 8 would require teams of students (actual students here in Canada) to fly across the country to get to games as opposed to just busing there and back on the day of the game.

  2. The Northern 8 would further marginalize the football programs of those universities that don't (and would basically never) qualify. This could very well result in the death of those programs (e.g. Toronto, York, Windsor, Carleton, McGill) and that would not be a good thing at all.

The present system culminating in cross-country playoffs and the Vanier Cup where a champion is crowned on the field is more than fine. Americans envied our system for decades (and still do). If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

An 8 game season isn't enough to develop players.

10 game or even 12 should be the goal.

The Northern 8 might be a way to incentivize some universities to up their game but that also requires a change in mindset from the administrative side.

A. The system is broken in that there are too many blowout games when weak teams are forced to play powerhouses in their conference.

B. The travel costs would be split by the two schools, but those schools would also be receiving money from sponsors to help cover that.

C. Weaker football programs would end up playing more games against weaker programs. That would mean fewer 55-0 blowouts. I see that as potentially increasing the popularity of those programs. We have programs now that don't (and basicallly never will) qualify for the playoffs. But the playoffs are still a good thing for football. And in fact the Northern 8 proposal was not going to change the existing playoff format.

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I read it a few times and I'm not comprehending it.

I believe they wanted to try something different.

I'm going to give it another shot, reading it. Wish me luck.

No worries.

I reread it.

It doesn't replace the playoff format, so I would be against it.

In Japan there's a league called the X League (not to be confused with the Xtreme Football League in the United States). The first half of the schedule is determined. After the halfway point (the end of the first half of the season) the 2nd half of the schedule gets determined whereby other successful teams from other groups, play each other and from that a final playoff bracket is determined. Teams in the lower half of their standings in the first half of the season play other teams in other groups that are in the lower half of their standings.

The Northern 8 isn't like that.

I think they might have tried for the European promotion and relagation system with this proposal.

Honestly it should be tiered based on student population.

No simple solution is there?