U Sports (Canadian college football)

I don't get it.

There's 27 teams and a total lack of variety of opponents on each team's schedule. Seeing lots of rematches. Seeing some schools playing just 6 games in the regular season.

I don't see each school playing a 10 game regular season.

Saw a live video stream of a game (Montreal I believe) and the camera position wasn't very high in the air.

I'm sorry but I've seen better NCAA Div. III video streams but the videos on U Sports looks bad with bad angles. Not only bad, but the backdrop of the action has school buildings in the background and just recreational park bleacher seats.

U Sports needs a reboot and better leadership if you want to move this to the next level.

I'm tempted to say U Sports look like the community access channel. No one comparable to a Canadian-like Lee Corso person or a Home Depot College GameDay pre-game show before all of the games begin.


There was an attempt of a competitive league around 2015.

There was resistance from the Ontario block and I believe no tv partner came forward.

If we're going to make an attempt to commercialize amateur football in Canada I'd rather see it happen at the Junior level. It would be better for the development of players than it would be with universities. It could be detrimental to do it with schools.

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At the university/college level there's co-eds (cute chicks) and the students can rally around their team.

Maybe I don't know what a "junior" team is but I'm picturing a team with no school affiliation playing other like teams -- semi-pro football -- with only family and friends in the stands. That's not gonna work for me with echos and sound rebounding around the stadium like the Grand Canyon.

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university athletes in there last year are eligible for the 2022 cfl draft also , very rare that athletes who played in a canadian junior league makes it pro unless one played junior before university .

True ... but was far less rare when I was a Yout ... three of my all-time favorite Als come to mind ... Glen "Fuzzy" Weir, Gordon Judges and Peter Dalla Riva.

This is basically what USports football broadcasts are now. They used to be done more professionally and broadcast on TSN or CBC, but that was quite some time ago.

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I'm still bummed out that this never got off the ground.

The costs and logistics, though, would have been pretty tough to iron out without a sponsor willing to kick in enough $$$.


Like to see the Junior system amalgamate some way with U sports football for the final play downs .

A play down system may make it very interesting for communities with and without colleges to have a team for rivalry and to help with more teams in the system .

I don't believe the education system has to be the only way anymore ; too many good athletes out there that can play the game without school . We are wasting interested athletes who don't need nor want to go to school .

As Canadians our junior hockey system is far superior to any college system .

I also don't like the new rules for age restrictions . They should be as much inclusive as can be especially after the loss of the one year to the pandemic but I also see injuries , ;personal conditions etc ... should be taken account of in being more inclusive for age .

This. A college system in Canada is okay so long as it's not commercial. Though still the eligibility restrictions hamper development. But as soon as it becomes a money maker, player development takes a backseat to profit for the school, because the school's primary business is not sport. It's just a side business, so the players become pawns.

In Junior, the sport is the only business, so the business itself is focused on one thing, developing players. If Junior could be commercialized and actually becomes profitable, we could see real semi-pro or minor-pro (dare I even say the possibility of farm teams?) football solely for the purpose of legitimately developing players, not just chewing them up and spitting them out like the NCAA does.

That's why folks like Farhan Lalji who uses his media platform to actively push for mandatory university degrees for football players and a more NCAA-like system in Canada is so short-sighted and actually damaging to the development of players.

Want to hype up and commercialize amateur football in Canada? Do it with Junior, not college.

So the bottom line is, you would still have a bunch of unemployed/under employed ball players (although more of them that are highly skilled in the sport of football) but there would be no increase in the number of NFL, and CFL roster spots where you could make a living doing the football playing route.

Plus, the lifetime of playing is about 5 years at most for most players.

So tell me again, using accounting principles, how a junior program has positive cash flow if you were to pay the junior players something.

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It was your idea to commercialize Canadian amateur football. If it gets off the ground, it would make some money. I was not advocating to pay the junior players money and THEN commercialize it. I was advocating using the junior ranks in lieu of the university system in the event that your concept does take off and make some money, which I truly hope that it would. :+1:

Remember, if an amateur broadcast system were to take hold and turn a profit, more teams would get into it, stadiums would be built upgraded accordingly. And also Football Canada would have a much larger say in all of it too. If you went the college route, as soon as any profit started showing, the schools would scoop it away and would have zero obligations to Football Canada, and FC would have little to no say in the actual development or even treatment of players.

If you are serious about this idea, talk to Jim Mullin who now runs Football Canada. He's a media guy from Vancouver with a long history in radio. Used to do play-by-play for SFU, UBC etc.

likely was less rare in the past . at the moment i can only think of one former cfl player that made the cfl after playing junior football in hamilton in 2015 and that was Matt Coates , who is retired from pro football now but plays in a touch football league for fun now and a dad to a little girl now since i follow him on instagram

There are a couple of (maybe more?) junior teams that have affiliations with colleges--CCAA colleges rather than USports universities.

I believe the players are a mix of college students who might qualify for some type of athletic scholarship and non-college students.

In the OFC, Quinte Skyhawks (Loyalist College) and St. Clair Fratmen (St. Clair College) both have college partnerships. With St. Clair, the team is actually owned by the student association.

It'd be great to get more actual college (as opposed to univeristy) football teams to grow the sport. If that were to build up, then maybe someday it'd make sense to have CJFL vs USports teams matches.

To improve the play of all sports(not just Football) within USPORTs is that the Universities offer full ride scholarships to gain better talent. Imagine Connor McDavid forgoing the OHL to play for U of T or Western or Jamal Murray playing for a Can. Univ. instead of a US College, etc. To get viewers USPORTs need the best young players staying home and play in Canada

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Ever see the movie "Little Giants"?

You guys should tell your president you want the United States to annex your country so you can get the immediate benefits of an influx of infrastructure to build tons of schools, etc. to get the same standard of living without having to leave your former country.

Said in jest.

There are 4 distinct groups that haven't played each other. Lack of variety and it creates the problem of not knowing which group is better since there's no crossover until the "almost everyone makes the playoffs" format begins.

Unlike the CFL, home field in USports is worth just over 3 points a game.

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Jon Bonk - an all-time great CFL O-lineman was out of Burlington Braves Junior team; so was Ticat slotback Lee Knight (very under-rated CFL player in his day); Andrew Grigg - GC winner and 1000 yard season season as a receiver for the Ticats was out of Sault St Marie Junior team.

BTW - TVA Sports- Quebec TV - shows a Q Conference game of the week - their production is as good as or better than TSN's for CFL games, IMO

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Just noticed that Queen's is playing Ottawa tonight at 6.

You can watch it here:

You'll have to have/setup an account, but I don't believe they charge anything.