Where will there be some CFL TV down here. Last year I saw a number of games the 1st half of the season and after that almost none.__Paul

hey paul i too would like to see some cfl games
try this website tonite


in the program guide it talks about tonites edmonton and calgary game
heres hoping we get to see it...

Thank you!

there is also a link to the US sch here somewhere.

unfortunately i checked this site right now they are playing something called hog heaven..
why do we have to get screwed like this !!
i'd love to watch some cfl football

Works on Directv on channel 644 GO CFL

uggh i used to have a directv

I've had Directv for 5 years never a problem

you know it just hit me, has Labor day come earier???

I just saw week 2, and all the West teams play the same team they did in week 1, WTH???

I live in Cincinnati, and noticed that after the Labor day games, there was no more CFL to watch, not even the Grey Cup. I'd say it's this American One network that must decide when the games get aired down here.

I be able to also watch the CFL at an English pub downtown (they have directTV)! ya for me!


If you live in Chicago, you can find the CFL on Comcast Sportsnet (channel 37, as with New England and some other places that carry that network). Follow this link:


However, they don't do much for June.

America One Television doesn't decide when or where a game airs; it is up to the network (usually a RSN) when or if a game airs in its respective area.

labout day games are first week of september