U.S. TV Schedule

Does anyone have any info on when they will put out a U.S. TV Schedule? I've emailed the league about this and they said soon but that was awhile ago, the only reason I've kept the sportspack on DirecTV is because you get almost every game on one channel or another, other than that the sportspack is useless, lots of bass fishing and blackouts. I would like to know if its worth keeping or not, between all the Fox sportnets you have and the other regional sport channels, like I said you get almost every game, but there's no real reason to have it otherwise.

i think they are holding out on the info until they know if the Gades are gonna play this year or not....cuz then they know if the schedule is good, or if they need to make a new one.

im guessing thats the same reason ticketmaster isnt selling individual tickets yet.

dang it! I wish they release it and star the game where Ottawa plays. Cuz I’m curious if they are gonna show all the games.

It would be a complete re-write of the schedual if ottawa dosn't plays, not just subing in the team with a bye week where ottawa is

so star the Ott games, no need to hold the cannon balls on the other games.

But the other games would need rescheduling as well. The entire schedule would be need to be redone from scratch.

They somehow managed to do it with very little change in 1987, when the Alouettes folded the day before the season started. But I don't think they could do it that way again.

well, they have a few weeks to chage it this time just in case, and being 19 years later, they should be able to put togerther a sch as good or better than 1987 or 1997 for that matter.

They likely have the new schedule drawn up already, just in case.

Be it as it may, the usual norm for individual game tickets (at least in southern Ontario) is for them to go on sale in late April or early May. In fact, according to the Ti-Cats website, they'll start selling single game ducats on May 1st (or 2nd, can't remember)

I hope that the preseason Will still be three weeks long and the frist game will still be Edm Vs. Wpg.

I'm planing something special for that game.

Is that on ESPN 2?

no ESPN would rather have lawn mover racing than Canadian Football :roll:

ESPN 2 used to carry some CFL games. I don't know if they still do or not.

I dont believe so
They did carry the grey cup for a few years