U.S. tv petition

Well my friends i want to thank each and everyone who signed the petition i started in the hopes of landing a U.S. tv contract for the CFL. We ended up with about 100 sigs. I say that because some people did sign more then once and Versus and the CFL will take notice of that. But,I digress. Everytime the petition added names I sent it along to versus. They are probably sick of me by now. Unfortunately i did not receive anything in response so i have no idea where anything stands, or if anything is in the works. Honestly...i doubt it. But i wanted to say thank you again, and i'll post the link to the petition one more time for those of you in the states who may have missed it. And...if you know anyone you can get to sign. Looks like another season of trying to watch on the internet for us Americans. Sorry folks i did try.

Thanks again....Geo.


Thanks for the effort Geo. I don't understand why some network would not pick up the CFL, it just has to be promoted a bit with some commercials focusing on the U.S. college stars who play up there and something like "why wait until September to get your pro football fix? The CFL live starting in July!" Then show some of the CFL's best play's from 2008 in rapid succession.

Why can't some of the regional sports networks carry the CFL?

They did until last year...the deal with 'America One' which then transmits the games to the regional networks was cut so late there was no time to put a deal in place. Seems like CFL has no interest in getting the games to the U.S. and U.S. networks seem to have no desire to show the games. What a shame, the CFL is fantastic, one of only two professional football leagues in all the world, with rosters full of American players and we can't see a down on TV in the U.S.