U.S. TV numbers?

I've heard so much recently about the fairly strong TV numbers south of the border, and I was wondering if anyone might have an article or any stats that might be a bit more specific (i.e. actual numbers). Whether the viewers are Americans or just migrated Canadians, its good to hear that there is some interest. I had no idea there was even the slightest bit of it down there. If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.

The CFL claims it reaches 70 million homes in the U.S., and thier NY agent said last year that more Americans watched the CFL than Canadians.

If true, that would peg U.S. viewership at over 400,000. (Except for Friday Night Football which is blacked out unless you have a Directv HDTV subscription)

Other than that I have seen no other info...

Yes I believe the 400,000 is pretty accurate for the U.S. audience. There was an source in the U.S. which said certain games can go as high as 800,000 and that in the major southern U.S. cities the CFL outdrew hockey by a 3 to 1 ratio even in a city like Atlanta which has a hockey team,

and it out does the AFL also.

This claim is true. Between Dish network and the much bigger Directv, 70 million homes are "possible" in the states, but unless those two companies account for viewership through the networks they broadcast that carry CFL games, and report those numbers to the CFL, we will probably never know for sure what they actually are.

But IMHO, viewership in the states probably grows every year between transplanted Canadians and americans who "know" someone playing in the CFL.

Just to add to the article. You don't need to have directtv HDTV package to get the CFL games. You can just order the sports plus package. It's worth it, i didn't know there was a way to see all the games till i got directtv.

If you're an american its time to change.

its true the cfl generates more us viewers than ever the market for cfl is really great in some states,i live in detroit and watch cfl every friday night(thats the reason i got direct tv)and every saturday night and i know alot of people that watch...GO BOMBERS :wink: