U.S. t.v coverage beyond 8/29?

I see ESPN’s last broadcast is August 29th. Where the heck do we watch games after that? Growing up in Detroit it was great to watch games on CBC’s affiliate - Windsor’s channel 9 station. When the CFL on CBC went to TSN, that pretty much killed our regular visibility to the game.

The CFL will be launching a new website in September. It would not surprise me if there was a collaboration between TSN and the CFL to offer a live feed from the website. Might be a few bucks per game kind of deal who knows. Kind of like the NHL is offering with Rogers. This would allow TSN and the CFL unlimited geographical reach and a new revenue stream for them to share.

All the games are available in the U.S. on ESPN3 over the internet. My friend live streams the games on Live2Sport which carries all CFL games in fairly high resolution, for free. U.S. cable services near the border sometimes offer TSN subscriptions too.