U.S. Steel Recalling 800 Workers In Hamilton

This breaking news article posted on the Hamilton Spectator website reports that U.S. Steel is recalling 800 of its workers in Hamilton. While this is not football news, it sure adds to the optimism of the new Ticat season and possibly a new Hamilton NHL team.


Good news indeed! Its about time!

That is good news!!

But I don't think too many steelworkers will be able to afford NHL tickets.

Great news, and with Crysler apparently starting up again full throttle by June 29, things are starting to look up.

wish it was more but still anything is good for the city at the moment hopefully the big 3 come out of this mess ok as well as the hamilton steel industry depends on it


Great football news, TiCat fans returning to work. :thup: :smiley:

great news indeed! Lets hope its more then a short term recall the article suggests.

nice one! :thup:

And the Chrysler plants reopening as well :thup:

Ticats opening with a string of wins will certainly put a smile on some faces too. :rockin:

It is a short term recall. If you are laid off for 35 straight weeks in a 52 week time frame, then the company has to sever you off if they aren't going to call you back to work.

Unfortunately I see them going back to work for a few months before this happens again. The report is that if they have to sever the guys off it would be 15 million dollars.

I want to be optimistic as so much of my family works for Stelco but I don't see a good end for this situation.

So says that idiot union leader "commie Rolf" I saw that interview too, a little one sided eh.

The best thing these guys could do is ditch Rolf and the union and say "we are prepared to work, we don't need a union"

As a forcibly retired US Steel worker of 33 years I side with the thought that the recall is shortterm. The fact is that there is much coal that needs to be coked on the ground, the 35 week rule is accurate, the $15 M figure is accurate and the statement that US Steel has far more capcity than they will require for the immediate future is also true. If you pay attention you'll notice that they are talking 800 employees to restart the coke ovens. That seems like far more manpower than is required so either there are more plans that have not been announced or there will be workers called back with no meaningful work to perform. Hmmmmm

BTW this is not the appropriate place to start an anti union rant. Although I am not a fan of Rolph he has been a very effective advocate and your comments are not only unessasarily inflamatory and inappropriate your conclusion about the value of our union is completely wrong. I would have lost my pension 4 years ago if not for our union fighting for our rights through bankrupcy.

Amen AKT! I've noticed %90 of people who bash them are ones that dont have them! Hell I wish i was union. Worked my arse off for a company 60 hours a week lifting over 75 lbs constantly. Blew a disc out and now they're trying to tell WSIB that it must have happened outside of work. Yeah, an L5 disc protrusion from picking up the newspaper :roll:

The Union Bashers are the same people who voted for Mike Harris. It's called wedge politics. You attack some group in society( teachers, nurses, unionized workers) and blame them for all your woes. I get so tired of this republican crap here in Canada. Without unions our benefits and wages would be whatever the Conrad Blacks of the world deemed appropriate. The Hammer is a union town and I hope the steel industry recovers to get us back on our feet. :thup:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

This should not even be on here... But I would rather see Stelco on here then Anti-union Dofaso/S**KS...

8) So I take it you are an NDP supporter then Pat !!!! :wink:
  I think the days of Hamilton being a union town are long over at this point in time  !!!

I guess Hamilton Health sciences large union population doesn't count ??

As for the steel industry Dofasco guys will eat that 5-10% pay cut as the USW US STEEL New contract will be brutal as it negotiates during a recession. Arcelor Mittal will for sure pay out a big VCP and give you a raise next year!

You have to love the fact that the coke will be sent to US Mills, while we here in Hamilton can choke on Benzene levels that are well above 2010 Guidelines. The Ministry Of Environment has said that it will be very tough and expensive for both companies to adhere to new regulations then what? Use the Canadian workers because you don't want to pay out 15 million in severance come July and and start making Steel stateside starting up US plants first , protectionism is alive and well in the US don't kid yourself.......


??? You ever wonder why Us Steel gives a coke worker 5 for 1 for every 5 years working at a coke oven you get 1 year off for retirement so if you work 25 you can retire with 30 years service? also Dofasco checks a coke workers blood every 2 years for signs of health risks with working in this very unhealthy work environment. :cowboy: