U.S. reporter: Grey Cup better than Super Bowl

U.S. Comcast Sportsnet journalist Ray Rotto chimes in on the Grey Cup...

[b]Ray Ratto ?@RattoCSN
This was a worthwhile, even delightful week spent being reminded all the things the Super Bowl should be, and never will.

Ray Ratto ?@RattoCSN
Anoither CFL-NFL difference: Grey Cup officials have done well.

Ray Ratto ?@RattoCSN
The joy of being an Eskimo, a Mountie, a pantsless drunk and TROIS ROUGES! The Grey Cup,Day The Last, @CSNAuthentic: http://bit.ly/21nR0nW

Ray Ratto ?@RattoCSN
Watching triumphant Edmonton Eskimos beat Ottawa 26-20 and spend the postgame jumping around motionless Mounties is so perfectly Grey Cup.[/b]

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I'd just like to know why the league can't seem to find anyone competent enough to sing the national anthem.

The old burn out Burt Cummings and his Casio keyboard in 2012 was embarrassingly bad, but the guy this year was cringe worthy in how terrible his rendition was. Every time the guy tried to say "Canada" his voice cracked - - it was comparable to a drunken karaoke performance.

Cummings is an exceptional singer although he tried to be too gimmicky with the National Anthem and it became a farce while the fellow who sang this years anthem (Bobby Bazini) didn't stray from the traditional rendition but couldn't hold a note to save his life.

It might be wise for Grey Cup organizers to hire classically trained vocalists in the future rather than rock/pop artists.

Would have been so simple to bring in the guy who does the anthem at the Senators hockey games - - he always does a great job.

Have to at least get the anthem done properly - - let the no talent hacks do the halftime show since that's a total lost cause. Worst part was constantly playing The Munsters theme at every commercial break during the broadcast. What an amatureish embarrassment.

I don't follow the music scene anymore so I can be excused for not knowing the anthem singer but I think they should be famous enough that most people should know who they are. Having said that, he was not very good and I hope a lesson was learned there by the league.

I'm also not sure what was up with the Munster's theme, why somebody thought it would fit and why they would pay rights fees for it.

The country singer who opened the show wasn't great either but then again most country singers aren't very good. I've got 10 year old nieces who could write better lyrics.

Maybe I'm being uber critical because the GC almost always has pretty good talent. Hell, even the Biebs would have been a 100% improvement on that first lot (didn't watch FOB) and that's saying something.

The Munster's theme was a snippet from one of Fall Out Boy's latest singles "Uma Thurman" which they played during the half-time show.


CFL Rules
Great to be a Canadian.
In Canada we are all in it together.
Well done Winnipeg!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

from the same U.S. reporter...

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Grey Cup: The Spirit of Edmonton trumps all Super Bowl parties http://www.csnbayarea.com/article/grey- ... wl-parties#CFL via @RattoCSN

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Spectacle of Grey Cup reminds Canadians being Canadian is fun http://www.csnbayarea.com/article/spect ... nadian-fun#CFL via @rattoCSN[/b]


[url=http://www.csnbayarea.com/article/grey-cup-spirit-edmonton-trumps-all-super-bowl-parties]http://www.csnbayarea.com/article/grey- ... wl-parties[/url]

Our National Anthem is destroyed at almost every sporting event anymore, even NASCAR by some schmuck "singer". It is pathetic.

By the way are you a Tikaboo Peaker or a "Red Stripper"?

No idea what those are, so I can neither confirm nor deny.

Sorry, Area 51 in the US is a Govt Site west of Las Vegas where secret and "Black" Projects are conducted. Individuals try to see what is happening at the site by going to the top of Tikaboo Peak about 26 miles from the site. For workers there are only two ways to get to the site for work either by bus or by using an airline called "Janet" flying 737 aircraft with no ID on the planes except for a solid Red Strip around the aircraft, thus the term Red Stripper if you use the aircraft.

I have to defend the people who sing national anthems in front of 10s of 1000s of people. I’m sure they are seriously nervous, as most human beings would be unless they are completely unfeeling sociopaths. There are lots and lots of famous examples of countries’ anthems being unintentionally (and even intentionally) butchered. It’s really not that big a deal given they are living, breathing humans and not robots. I suppose organizers could go out and hire a veteran professional to deliver the goods, but even that’s not a guarantee, once they stand up in front of a full stadium, that they won’t have a sudden nervous tick and forget the words or sing off key.

Interesting comments, but I've never so much as been in the state let alone in the site area.

I've been posting on various CFL/CIS forums under this handle for more than a decade and a half. I call it as I see it, my friend, and you can always count on my assessments being opinionated and strongly worded.

Unfortunately, this ruffles the feathers of many who prefer to deny reality and keep their heads buried in sand - - much like Rider Fan this year. Hence, that's my most recent lifetime banishment.