As a long time U.S. born fan of the CFL, who believes the CFL is superior in terms of rules and strategies, I am wondering how many other U.S. fans are out there. I'm hoping there are more than one would think. I generally watch the games on ESPN 3 as I do not receive TSN in New Hampshire. Wishing more games were on an ESPN channel. I would even appreciate same night tape delay rather than channel surf through bull riding, skating, beach volleyball, polo, miniature golf, bowling, hopscotch, marbles, and a spelling bee. Wondering how other US fans feel. Maybe if the CFL could convince ESPN there were fans down here, we would get more games.

I am a U.S. fan of the CFL, NFL and NCAA. Myself and several other friends enjoy watching the CFL, especially as we learn more about it.
However, today I am an NCAA fan, before I go back out to celebrate tonight as a Penn State Alumni two comments


From Dublin, Ireland I wish you all a pleasant evening!

Forget all the college football rah-rah on here - this is pro football and the CFL.

I’ve been following the studying Canadian football and its history since 2009, and I have been here since 2010. I’ve caught most games online include via other sources before I could access ESPN3 via uVerse in another part of the US.

And definitely I like the rules and its return game better especially since the NFL moved the kickoff line back to the 35 so as to eliminate more kickoffs.

ESPN is coming around to airing more games each year. NBCSN did last year.

I have read on another thread that for the first time in decades if ever that ESPN will air a CFL game on a Sunday head-to-head with the NFL.

At one time I thought such an airing of a game by one of the four US networks that cover the NFL was disallowed, for they won’t even air games opposite lame NFL preseason ball and its awful homer coverage. Now I guess the NFL does not care for ESPN with only its usually awful Monday night coverage.

For another good game on TV, this is a great option because sometimes the local NFL game stinks or like here in the Tampa Bay area and elsewhere in Florida, the local coverage is blacked out. Mind you in Florida in even September and in October that being outside in the sun and humidity is just as oppressive on many days as it is elsewhere in the summer. That’s why the games either do not sell out or the sell out is a fake one with the team buying up the rest of the tickets in order to avoid embarrassment on any given national game. And hopefully the FCC eliminates such a stupid rule for good.

And as also discussed in another thread, now one can go to many places online to find coverage of other games and now you can hook up your internet feed more easily to your smart TV too.

I never understood why some network (Fox possibly with its expanded sports coverage) wouldn't take a shot with the CFL.... We are almost halfway through the CFL season and the NFL has yet to play a meaningful game... Still there is little live coverage.... I would rather watch a regular season CFL game involving any of the teams, rather than an NFL "exhibition" game.

I still think Viacom and Spike would be a great fit for the CFL.

Spike seems happy with just putting on reruns of Cops all day. That is why Impact Wrestling will not be back in 2015. I suspect the CFL would not do better ratings or generate more advertising revenue than TNA.

Anyway, Americans for the most part are not necessarily fans of the game of football. It is more like want to be involved with what is popular and/or support their local team or school. Non-NFL professional leagues do not do well at all. CFL has even less of a chance because none of the teams are local to any Americans. Frankly, most fans do not even care about teams in other American cities or states. You are asking them to support something from a country that they consider is USA-lite whose game do not even play using "proper rules".

According to the news today 20,000 Americans flew in for the Penn State game in Dublin.

Yeah, I like the CFL because has more of the NCAA feel. Small but rabid fan bases, players playing for the love of the game instead of Mega-Millions, etc.

I love the CFL special teams rules and the size of the field, but I'm very glad that we have a fourth down here in 'The States'. Otherwise, it seems like one bad play and you're kicking.

In Columbus Ohio, there used to be a small local sports channel that showed CFL replays throughout the week. That's when I started watching ('07). A lot of guys that used to play for or against my Buckeyes were in the league, which made it fun.

The nature of the CFL at the time combined with the crappy public access quality of that channel made me feel like I was picking up a broadcast from the 1980s. Loved it.

Well the channel died a year or two later, and I have had to follow the league through choppy internet feeds.

Finally got ESPN3 access. Been watching all summer. Need to figure out how to get the app for my smart tv so that I can watch it on that instead of my laptop.

What kind of TV ratings would be have to see in the U.S. before ESPN became a noticeable revenue source?

It seems there is no consistency regarding when games will be on TV and you never know where to find them if they are on.... unless you go straight to ESPN3. During the early part of the season it's difficult for me to believe football fans wouldn't watch a regular season CFL game as opposed to a three and half hour baseball game.....

Me too.

If it wasn't for college football there would be no pro football (CFL or NFL).

In the case of Miami, it's usually the CBS O&O station WFOR that would buy the tickets to avoid a blackout.

The FCC has nothing to do with blackouts; that would be the NFL. They call all the shots.

Brisco said The FCC has nothing to do with blackouts; that would be the NFL. They call all the shots.
Actually the FCC is responsible [url=http://gigaom.com/2013/12/22/the-fccs-plan-for-tv-blackouts-what-it-means-for-sports-fans/]http://gigaom.com/2013/12/22/the-fccs-p ... orts-fans/[/url] [url=http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/08/13/nfl-continues-to-face-assault-on-blackout-rule/]http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/20 ... kout-rule/[/url]
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took a major step this week to end a TV blackout rule that can prevent local fans from seeing games of their home teams. Cable and satellite companies hailed the move as a victory for fans, but the NFL and local broadcasters say it will lead to fewer free games on TV.

But what exactly would the FCC rule do? The short answer is it could affect football fans in a few cities but won’t get rid of blackouts altogether. Here’s a plain English explanation of what’s going on.

I am aware that the FCC wants to end the blackout rule which the NFL instituted; however, the FCC never instituted the rule.

With ESPN sending Chris Berman to the game and being on the Panel as well as the telecast booth reflects a true interest on ESPN's part.
If Berman likes what he sees and begins talking about CFL on his shows and receives positive feedback from the fans there will be increased activity from ESPN. ESPN and Berman will then be able to pursue name brand sponsorship of the games in the US.
It won't happen overnight but more CFL games on ESPN network channels and the possibility of an ESPN analyst on the Panel and in the Booth next year will influence US fans in CFL games.
Personally, I'm hooked on the CFL.

I think ESPN is a good partner. The CFL and ESPN were partners back in the day when ESPN first started out and in the CFL-X era with the US expansion teams. They've carried the games on espn3 for a few years now. This year they've also added a CFL tab to the NFL home page on their website that links to the TSN CFL page. The key think to build an audience will be consistency - consistently carry a game, carry it live, and a specific day/timeslot. A perfect time IMO would be the gap between the 2nd wave of Sunday NFL games and the Sunday night game. I remember back in the late 90s they used to promote a CFL game of the week and it would be carried at 1 or 2 am on a Friday or Saturday night, and the game they would show and promoted all week long was two or three weeks old. That won't work.

With ESPN having exclusive CFL rights in the US thru 2019 and having a minority interest in TSN a 4PM Sunday CFL
game would fit between the 1PM NFL and Sunday night NFL. Not having NASCAR after this year it would also fill a Sunday void in ESPN programming.

Did NBCSN drop the CFL because of low ratings??

No, between their relationship with TSN and what they were willing to show and pay for a five exclusive contract ESPN was awarded the contract.

Interesting reading guys. It would be nice to get some more interest down south. If nothing but to get it more visible to the players that don’t make it onto an NFL team, coming north to extend their career. Likewise it gives the Canadian guys a chance to also have a career and possibly get some visibility down south with a chance to play in NFL (every football players dream).

In curious as to hoe ESPN works? TSN just went to 5 channels so they can start to show more of the content they own but couldn’t show with only two channels. As a huge fan of world junior hockey (future stars but also the last chance for most of these 18-20 yr olds, they are playing cause they love the game and it is their last chance to be on a international stage) I can’t wait to see how they cover it on TSN this winter. So how many channels are there and do they restrict certain channels to certain sports. Sounds like some people only get certain ESPN channels as well?

I’m glad that there are fans down south. This year has been a brutal year for ESPN to take up coverage with such a weak east division. Good news is that as of Labour Day weekend, the games turn to inter divisional play so there should be some very good western games. Strange but defences are dominating this year but that might turn around soon. I like the defensive play though.

There are four primary ESPN channels, you can only receive ESPN via cable or satellite, i.e. you pay for ESPN.
ESPN is primary channel, ESPN2 is now backup to ESPN, ESPN News is primarily what it says sports news however it is also the "overflow" channel for live sporting events, ESPNU is primarily college related sports.
ESPN3 is the on line streaming channel. ESPN is 80% owned by Walt Disney. ESPN is also lead for the Longhorn network and the SEC network.