U.S.: Disney Raising Price For ESPN+ To $5.99 Per Month

Disney Raising Price For ESPN+ To $5.99 Per Month

"Disney is raising the price for ESPN+ by 20% as of next Wednesday. New monthly customers will be charged $5.99 per month for the streaming service, up from $4.99 per month. Existing monthly subscribers will continue to pay $4.99 per month for at least a year, the company said."

More: https://sbjsbd.biz/3gDlXAZ

FYI: Most of the CFL matchups that air in the U.S. are streamed on ESPN+.

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Their ploy is to raise the price more too. It was just that all along. Anyway, this is in time for the fall and the looming long winter too when folks likely will be watching more TV than ever.

Meanwhile we’ll see what happens to regular cable bills. Despite a recession, I bet you they go up too now, which makes this even more of a scam.

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So to get the other 2/3 of the games not broadcast on ESPN2 or ESPNews, users had to pay for 6 months of ESPN+. That amount went up from $30 to $36 per year.

Clearly they're caving in to CFL demands to sweeten the pot for covid-season broadcast rights. ESPN is merely passing the hike in rights fees on to their consumers, for whom an extra dollar a month is a bargain if it means they get to see CFL games this year. :laughing:

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But there are more UFC fans at the very least - the CFL is an after-thought to them with regards to ESPN+ anyway. Now let’s see how this goes over come 2021 in a deepening recession. Recent history tells me the answer from the last recession.

If you have job income folks and a place to live, you’ll be able to find the deals or find the content for $0 elsewhere.

Or they could cut you a real deal, which often they do when you ask.

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