U.S.: CFL on ESPN3...where are you watching the game?

First, I would like to wish all in Canada a Happy Thanksgiving Day. Now on to my question...

I'm watching at work on my iPhone via the WatchESPN app (we have Wi-Fi).



Watching the CFL game and the Houston/KC game with several friends in a small sports lounge near my home.

Over here watching on TV from Vancouver Island - Cheers

I watch ESPN3 here in Indianapolis Indiana from my MacBook when the game is not on ESPN2 or on other ESPN TV.

Not sure how I missed this thread.

I watch here in the Bay Area, California. I stream ESPN3 to a TV attached to a Mac Mini serving as a media centre. For ESPN and ESPN2 I use SingTV, which is $20/month and includes CNN and several channels of crap ($35/month if you also want HBO).

Finally a CFL game broadcast on ESPN2, I can watch a game in HD !!! I don't have to stream ESPN3 or TSN through my laptop and put up with the annoying internet slow downs.

The TiCat game will be on ESPN News channel, not ESPN2.
The Western game will be on ESPN3 at 1630 hours EST.