U.S. Broadcast Schedule:

I know the site says it will be finalized in June, but are there any insiders here who could tell me whether games will be on American TV or am I watching on the computer again?

Unless you have some deluxe sports package on direct tv, you wouldn’t get any of the channels that ever pick them up anyway. Expect to have to use the computer.

Not true... NFL Network broadcasted games last year and will this year too. If there's a lockout they could broadcast them all.

What games they plan to do right now though I'm not sure.

Yeah I think the NFL Network will be showing games again, but don't expect a release to the public on this until late June, I don't see anything being posted until then.

On the CFL Twitter feed, they said to expect a June announcement.

http://twitter.com/#!/CFL/status/69744033496449024 http://twitter.com/#!/CFL

ESPN3 is showing the first game on june 30th. they dont have any football listings beyond the end of this month but is a good sign anyway. espn3 broadcast every game in the U.S. last year.

If the lockout of the nfl persists i would not be surprised to see more on the NFL network and possibly ESPN.

well we can hope

I really loved that I could watch every game last year on ESPN3. It wasn't hi-def, but I'll take it. I throw it up on my TV and it's almost as good as the real thing.

They have an ESPN3 now?

Yep...But I don't get it because my little "mom & pop" cable company doesn't carry it. :cry:

ESPN3 streams games online. It's not a cable channel.

This means I will have to span the globe online to go pirate again to watch the actual TSN broadcast just as I did last year.

When I succeed I will post it on the thread for the game too for the benefit of others.

It looks to me that the NFL run last season was successful enough such that weighty ESPN moved in to not only buy the rights via its own affiliate in Canada, but also as usual try to gouge cable subcribers to paying extra for ESPN3, which in turn is an obsolete concept at the core and racket from the start. :x

And like Geo said, the cable firms control way too much who gets what at what price whilst they load more crap and informercials on subcribers than ever at the "regular" rates as if one is paying a cover charge just to have "access" to the good stuff "for an dditional charge" and so forth. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Does NFL network and espn3 use there own anouncers or do they just use the tsn feed?

I do believe that if you subscribe to "speciality channels" with certain cable providers, you can get ESPN here... is there not a provider that offers TSN?

Sadly....no. Here in the states, for some reason, we will be overcharged for our tv... receive 300+ channels...and yet! Not one channel from Canada.

You're correct that it's not a cable channel, but my cable company is who I get my internet from. And millions like me who have smaller cable companies for their service can't get ESPN3 because their internet provider doesn't carry it.

Yeah I just love the fact I have to pay over $85.00 per month just so I can watch professional Bull riding (which I don't..lol) But that's the whole point. We have no choices down here.

They use TSN's feed.

How can your internet provider control what sites you access on the internet? I don't understand?

I don't know if its the provider blocking it so much as espn. I know when i lived in california i had att for internet and i was able to access espn3 but people who had verizon could not. Its espn that says in order for you to access the video on the site you need to have a specific provider so maybe they have some sort of kickback or fee they get from a provider and some refuse to pay it.

Regions are given certain IP's so they say if the IP is not CANADIAN then block content ( or whathave you... -- its similar coding logic ) and not difficult to do.... the trick me thinks would be to look for a proxy that would be in that allowable region then gaining access via that... but im not sure if that works, although it seems viable... Anyone more techy got the 'Aha' to this ?

buy a canadian sat. subscription. thats the easiest... but also very pricey for what you get.