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Ok gang I need some help. I am in a pool to pick this years ticat roster. The one with the most correct wins. For those of you who have some time on your hands. Pick the 46 man roster- 20 Canadians, 19 Imports and 3 qb's, leaving 4 for the reserve. IF you don't have time then leave out the obvious ones and give me the ones who you think will be the rookies to the team and take a vets spot.


Is Robichaud expendable?
Is it smart to kep Bekasiak and/or Dickerson because they can play both sides of the ball?
Who makes up the d line?

The long snapper is NOT expendable. Even though thats all he does it is a very important role. How else could they or any other football team on earth even attempt field goals or punts???

I believe I read an article about a couple other guys in camp that have been long snapping as well. I just meant is his job in jeopardy this year. Believe me I understand the importance.

Bekasiak almost for sure will not be on the opening roster.
Too much ground to make up.
Cat Chat tells:
The ones who I feel need to shine Thursday night would be fullback Mike Giffen, wide receivers Pat Woodcock, Jo-Jo Walker, Laurent Lavigne-Masse (he has another year of college eligibility), Eddie Cohen, Willie Ponder, Prechae Rodriguez and Ernest Jackson.
The Cats have to make a decision at right tackle between Marko Cavka, Charles Thomas and Gerald Davis. They also have to decide on Canadian backup jobs with Jordan Rempel, Eric Ince and J.P Bekasiak all in the mix.
Byron Tinker needs a big game at defensive tackle. Ditto for tackles Marcus Lewis and Darrell Adams.
Linebacker James Kinney must show well. The same for Jason Nedd.
In the secondary the Cats will be watching the film closely on defensive back Rontarius Robinson and cornerbacks Bo Smith and Geoff Tisdale.
Finally QB Quinton Porter needs to throw really well for any chance of making the 46-roster.

I like Cavka to win his position, and Jo Jo to be a casualty.