U-pick-em , Where are you?

How are all of you regulars on here doing on the CFL U- pick-em? After the first game I was at No. 3,456, I'm at No. 344 now.

Usually I'm in the 4 figure ranks, and I'm ecstatic if I'm somewhere in the three number ranks. I'm pleasantly shocked that I was 32nd overall after week one, and I'm currently SIXTH after week two!

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I'm at 3000+. :neutral_face:

Props to you guys for making astute picks in a season that, for me, feels really difficult to predict.

After picking this week's 3 games all correctly, I'm third overall!

Good for you Saskfan. Make sure you double check your picks everyone. After the game I discovered that my pick for Ham. Mont. did not register. I had Ham. And 34 pets. Scored. I just lost out on over a hundred points. Make sure you click all the boxes.

Pfft, I moved up in the rankings way more than you did, from 3000+ to just under 1500. At this pace, I'll be first overall in no time. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It's that "Done" button you have to click at the end of your pick That I've missed a couple of times.

Today moves me up to 136. I knew I'd move higher because a lot of Riders fans will be loosing points picking the Riders at 100% confidence