U of Montreal VS McMaster Vanier Cup

[url=http://www.carabins.umontreal.ca/pages/Sports/Football/athletes.aspx?lang=FR-CA&spt=2]http://www.carabins.umontreal.ca/pages/ ... R-CA&spt=2[/url] http://www.marauders.ca/roster.aspx?path=football& [url=http://english.cis-sic.ca/championships/fball/2014/files/participating_teams]http://english.cis-sic.ca/championships ... ting_teams[/url]

Thanks Fender for that research although the CIS should still have the full roster information on their site which they don’t from what I can tell.

Mac looking good so far - especially on defense. 6 - 0 Mac and it should be more considering a bogus interception was awarded to Montreal with the defender who caught the ball landing at least a foot out of bounds.

Montreal beginning to move the ball now. Looks like it could be a tight one!

Total domination on the line of scrimmage by Mac up to now.

I am absolutely shocked by the result so far. I was totally expecting a Montreal blowout. This is a Mac team that's in the midst of a rebuild, they are no where close to being the offensive powerhouse they were with Quinlan in '11 and '12. To see them pushing the Carabins around defensively is completely shocking.

6 sacks by Mac in the first half. They just simply picked up where they left off in the Mitchell Bowl...

Not sure how that wasnt pass interference

Well now theyre even.

Blown calls both ways.


Big plays by some first year Carabins... Now have two elite programs in the Q :thup:

Field goal blocked by a lineman's chest/shoulder?

Strange ending.

Congrats Carabins.

Unfortunate that is not very likely. CFL nor the CIS football get any attention in Toronto Proper. Much more likely that we will see Hamilton, Ticats, will be putting in a bid for the next Vanier Cup. Ottawa Redbalcks also likely to be very interested.

Good for Montreal and the CIS. The small uneven National Playoff system has kept them out of any spotlight with The Rouge et Or being so dominate.
Some eye opening for some more interested parties in giving the CIS some more coverage. With a product of a game sold out at a modern CFL stadium will be something to build upon. If Sportnet is really not interested I am sure TSN with 3 new networks and the TSNGO webcasts can see potential here.
Finally some cross conference games between the OUA and Q. Likely will lead to the CanWest and Halifax and Saint Mary's to get on the National scene as well.
I would look for some changes in the future in how games are scheduled and how playoffs will be run. A possible 3 team AUS and an 11 team OUA gives a very unbalanced represetation of top teams.
I dont see how the AUS can continue with a 3 school football conference.
with the age rules now evening out the system I would go out on a limb and say that we may just see a 3 conference football set up with the AUS schools that are left. becoming assocciate members of the Q for football setting up a much stronger 3 conference CIS.
In the CANwest a shaky UBC program but with the other 5 schools looking very strong for the most part with their football commitment from the community and school. UBCO is about ready to take on a private model and other schools looking to do the same.
With Shaw upping it coverage in the CanWest with better and better production. TSNGO may just be picking up the feeds.
In Calgary the Stamps LLP are commited to sponsoring both the Dino and newly CIS Mount Royal series. Owning the Stamps now I could see a new CIS sized stadium going up on the Crowchild trail. With a cross town football rival being part of a TSN rivalry series broadcasting or simulcasting the Shaw feed.

To be fair both last week with the semi-finals and today with the Vanier Cup - Sportsnet did a good job and gave it a high quality production.

Today they had the three person panel on site plus had contributions from Stephen Brunt. They did a nice build up to the game with a well done 30 minute pregame show and I like the call that Micallef and Morealle provided for play-by-play. Both seemed very knowledgeable about the players on both teams. They broadcast the game on FIVE Sportsnet channels - Pacific, West, Ontario, East and Sportsnet 360.

I just wish something was done to increase coverage of regular season and earlier play-off round games.

Well thats not bad coverage but dropping the OUA is not a good sign for their future commitment. Its good to see that it got on all of the regional Networks as well. I dont think that was the case originally. Having a sell out could have gave them more reason to give it a more National coverage.
Couls they not do the same with the regional networks for each of the conferences as well?

They had some nice graphics, and did a real professional job with the game, Jesse Lumsden’s homerism aside. I still think TSN does a better job, but the margin isn’t that great anymore…

Tough loss for Mac but congrats to the Carabins. Haven't seen Sportsnet do football from scratch in a long time and agree Evil, very good job by Sportsnet, not quite up to TSN's standards but not far back, quite close.

I was told recently by my nephew (who played for the Dinos in the early 2000s and has maintained contact with the program) that the UofC wants a 7-8000 seat stadium on campus somewhere near the west residences and believes it will come if/when the new arena'stadium complex is built for the Flames'Stamps and the McMahon area is redeveloped.

Would help if the CIS could have interlocking games as part of their regular season. As for quality broadcasts, Jim Mullin and his crew do a pretty decent job with limited resources on Shaw and seem to be itching to move to the next level. I have no doubt whatsoever that they would do very well at it.

That is really great and the Flames buying the Stamps makes it all the more a reality. With such a stadium likely to be built, if the Flames LP decide on adding a pro NASL team to the Canadian landscape of soccer. The stadium would get even more use.