U of Miami 2011: The Biggest NCAA Scandal Ever


If you thought USC and Ohio State were bad, well this is the new model for the serious joke that is the NCAA.

Even the current commissioner of the failing UFL and Paul Dee, the Athletic Director for the University of Miami from 1993-2008 and Chairman of the NCAA Committee On Infractions until summer 2010.

Uh, do you think there were enough folks not just looking the other way but enjoying some of the party action?

I'd say the NCAA has lost whatever credibility it and complicit media like ESPN purport it to have left. And that's also why Yahoo! broke this story and not ESPN who only a year ago lauded the University of Miami with a documentary about its prior era of misdeeds in the first wave of sanctions that hit "The U" in the 1990s.

First of all, Im a huge Canes fan.
Secondly, I dont feel bad at all. The NCAA needs to pay its players. Otherwise this happens.

Are you serious? Not at all? Not for the legitimate programs out there or at least those without infractions of this grievous nature that will alter all of NCAA football?

Don't get me wrong I'm for paying players too, but you sound as if you are for giving them also the Vegas life as happened again in Miami when you state "I don't feel bad at all."

I really dont. Until the NCAA splits some of its BILLIONS made off these kids I do not blame any of the athletes from any team for taking whatever they can get.

Spoken like a true fan of the "U". :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: No remorse and "they did nothing wrong" and all that talk. Never mind of course the ultimate source of the funds was from a criminal, as previous backer Luther Campbell was not!

Anyway, the following is a step in the right direction to handle the matter by the NFL along with a payment system for the players on which I do agree with you.

But players taking money from a criminal or for drugs and prostitution -- c'mon that's a whole other level than a few drinks and fine food and time on boats and so on.

Nothing that paying players a fair salary wouldnt solve. What they do on their own time is not my business.

And it has nothing to do with being a fan of the U. Any time I hear about situations like this in the NCAA I always have the same reaction.

The NFL does not need to get involved because the NCAA makes more than enough lol :thup:

Ah okay, right, even if it is dealing with a convicted felon okay ... :roll:

Note however if this is going on at any school that accepts government funds or subsidies, which is indirectly or directly almost every school including even the private universities like the U of Miami, what the athletes on scholarship do in their own time that is illegal or tied to someone who is a convicted criminal IS my business.

That's where I have sharp disagreement with you as do most others -- unless they are as usual the thugs like those down at the "U" where this is nothing new for sure. And then when is enough enough for sake of players around crime and those environments?

You take a convenient position in that regard for the U given its well-documented history since the mid-1980s, but hey it's your call I guess. And hey if you don't pay any American income or other taxes, you would have a point in that regard. But what if college players behaved this way near where you live in Regina? Would you change your mind or that would be okay too hmmmmmm? Following your logic, it would be okay there too right?

Forgotten in all the news since this story broke, with reforms finally underway in the NCAA but probably not enough, is that the culture of bounties in South Florida extends all the way to the level of pee-wee football. The University of Miami has had bounties as part of its tight player culture for at least 30 years.

Finally the NFL has taken a strong leadership role after sometimes looking the other way or attempting to sweep this long-time practice at all levels of American football, commonly on a regional basis with heavy emphasis in the South, under the rug.

And it does not surprise me that Congress is looking into the matter akin to how Washington forced changes to the gridiron game back in 1905 given all the deaths at that time.

No one we know has ever died or been paralyzed for life for sake of a bounty hit as opposed to an accident as is part of the risk of play, but now fortunately it won't have to come to that before meaningful and open changes take place in the interest of fair play in the best sport to watch in the world -- gridiron football.

The book Meat on the Hoof made me realize that anything is possible in the NCAA world of "sports".

I still feel zero remorse lol

Of course, as we went over previously, you feel no remorse so long as folks are not breaking the law in your neck of the woods. Keep up that crappy attitude and before too long ... :thup: :thup: :thup:

It has nothing to do with where it is taking place. Until the NCAA appropriately compensates their players this will happen and will continue spreading

Jman, why don't you visit the following, including three recruiting hotbeds for college football especially here in Florida, and then report back to us. If you dare that is. Oh you have not been there let alone anywhere in Florida but perhaps Disney World or perhaps a friend's condo or timeshare?

Well golllllllllly! :roll:

  1. Liberty City, Miami, Florida
  2. Miami International Airport
  3. Broward County, Florida
  4. Overtown, Miami, Florida

Until you go through any of these areas, and for your own safety I would totally avoid numbers 1 and 4 as have I, your comment with regard to "it has nothing to do with where it is taking place" shows the height of your ignorance as by all observation and measure on this forum is not indicative of your peers in Saskatchewan.

Get real dude if you are going to talk ignorantly and blithely about the environment having nothing to do with the behaviour, culture, and abilities of recruits and players, for better or worse, including especially for sake of my State of Florida.

What? It happens at so many schools. Until the players get paid it will keep happening. :? :? :? :? :?

University athletes should not get paid. The billions that some universities make off their sports should be mandated to be put back into the university for programs that are very worthy such as the arts and research and low profile athletic programs and intramurals but don't have the entertainment power to create the billion dollar athletic industry in these schools.

What, are university sports teams now supposed to become professional sports teams? :?

But Earl do you think that scandals like this will ever stop unless they do get paid?

Well jman, I guess the NCAA has to figure out what it is exactly. Just because there are a lot of people using illegal drugs doesn't mean that the gov't should automatically make marijuana legal for example. The NCAA has standards of conduct and I don't think it involves paying student athletes. They are already getting a scholarship in most cases. The NCAA needs to uphold the values they stand for or else fold the tent, call the NCAA a professional league and do as you say, pay up front etc.

Also note that as almost every single NCAA FBS/DIVISION I school is publicly-funded, and even those that are private that receive government funds for research projects, the public also has a say in the matter.

If you have an abundance of criminals on a team and/or criminal conduct that goes well above marijuana use or even distribution of it as is clearly the case especially in Miami as it has been for decades, it is also a matter of high public concern when some of your tax money is going there too.

If you live in the State of Florida like me or pay any taxes here at all, those concerns go up a notch higher.

I'm all for paying college players all the same, but not if they have any criminal records.

Most of the rest of us with any licensing for whatever given profession we have would not have our current jobs if we had criminal records for that matter, so the notion of merely paying players who are convicted criminals, or who associate regularly and knowingly with convicted criminals, is absolutely ridiculous let alone that the funds are public as well!

Most of the rest of us with any licensing for whatever given profession we have would not have our current jobs if we had criminal records for that matter, so the notion of merely paying players who are convicted criminals, or who associate regularly and knowingly with convicted criminals, is absolutely ridiculous let alone that the funds are public as well!

Worth repeating. :thup: