U-G-L-Y..... ugly....ugly....mama called it ugly!

Gag me and choke my chicken. I cannot believe the guys that were dropping balls that Lulay was throwing right on the money. And what's going on with McCallum? Last year the guy was spectacular. So far he is less than mediocre. His punting was pathetic. The fans were forgiving after his dismal performance in Rider Land but last night was ridiculous. And it was not like he was being rushed to get the ball off. It won't be long before the natives in the stands wearing orange start booing him at this rate.

The interception inside the 5 to Simon was the back breaker. The Lions would have gone up by two. Why not give it to Harris who was running like a guy possessed? Who cares if the Edmonton D were expecting it? Brute strength and tenacity would have gotten the job done. In fact I think Edmonton were thankful Lulay didn't hand the ball off to Harris!

I don't fault Geroy for missing that reception. It was in his hands and out in the blink of an eye. It wasn't the best thrown ball. The Edmonton D player got lucky and was in the right place at the right time to get the tip. I do question Lulay throwing it with Simon covered like a blanket. I question the play itself when there were a multitude of other plays to choose from.

The Lions were outplayed in all aspects of the game. If it were Ray leading the charge I could understand the Esks taking it to the Lions but not with Jyles. Sorry Jyles but Ray was the better QB in my opinion.

I love to see Brown run but this guy was completely shut down last night.

Bruce made a great catch but was not utilized enough and yet was wide open several times. And why so many rushing plays? The rushing game was not working during the first half of the game so why stay with it?

Just like last year these are two games the Lions handed to the opposition early in the season. The difference is the team is playing with the team that took them to the Grey Cup and beyond. They are being beaten by teams that are supposedly not as good. The game against SSK last week was for the Lions' taking. They blew it. With only minutes left in the game the Lions could have taken the lead against Edmonton. They blew it.

I'm really concerned about the Lions' down field coverage on kick offs. Edmonton was returning the ball with great field position on most of the returns. I'd mention punts but McCallum is already giving the opposition great field position before they even get their hands on the ball.

As far as I'm concerned McCallum had better get his act together and PDQ. Last night the Lions' over all were playing like they played in the first 7 games of last season. The sad thing is that last night they were served up their 1st loss in the newly renovated B.C. place. :frowning: What is even more sad is that all of the other teams know now that the Lions can be had. The holes that the Lions need to fill are cavernous at this time.