Anybody else catch any games from this tourney. Canada finished out of the medals. GET USED TO IT !. We are a stupid country. We keep helping those other countries win cause we are so nice.

Sorry ‘bout that…

In our defense, while all the other countries sent their best players, Canada’s best players are playing in the Memorial Cup (Tournament) but…

I agree. We need to stop worrying about improving hockey in other countries, and concentrate on hockey HERE!!!

We’ve had a bunch of piss-poor NHL drafts lately so… something needs to change.

If you cheer for Canada, you will be.

We are soon gonna be the nicest losers in the world.

Hi Dan…as a counter point doesn’t hockey as a sport improve when the best in the world help improve it in other countries? As other countries catch up to Canada is it not a good thing as it will encourage Canada to improve? And the game improves…no?

From 2005 until 2010, Canada had amazing draft after amazing draft.

From 2011 until 2015, we had good drafts. Not as good as the 6 years that preceded it, but good.

After all those years, we were bound to have a lull period - we are in that lull period and it’s not pretty.

We need to step up, I agree. I hope it happens soon.

Do you mean the way Russia, Sweden, Finland or the Czechs help improve the game ? NOT !..They take care of numero uno.

Canada is a doormat.

I don’t think the game is improving when we can’t make the medal round. We improve the game but our game suffers-is not the way to go.

I’m done. I’ve warned what is happening but the typical Canadian non attitude is prevalent. “I hope everybody likes me now.”