Tyson Philpot named Most Valuable Canadian of the 110th GC

HAMILTON — Tyson Philpot has been named the Most Valuable Canadian of the 110th Grey Cup.

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Good for him. Outstanding player and a sign that Canadian Jr. football is churning out more and more really good players.

Just one question I want answered, did he have a bet on with his brother as to who would win a Grey Cup First?

Excellant choice. Great football receiver and X Dino

I seem to remember that the Philpot twins were on the U of Calgary team that won the 2019 Vanier Cup. Proof once again the CFL should show more respect for the CIS.

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We’re probably not celebrating this Grey Cup win if Maciocia doesn’t trade up in the 2022 draft to get Philpot. Great young receiver. I hope he stays an Alouette for years to come.