Tyrone Jones site - leave him a comment

Hi folks, If you would like to leave a comment for the very sick Tyrone Jones, please visit his site at www.tyronejones35.com - you do NOT have to register to leave a comment.

Let's make sure that Ty knows how much he entertained CFL fans and let him feel the love.

I'm still working on the site, I rushed it out the door yesterday after reading the latest article about Ty;s downturn in health.

CFL fans are the best!

Cheers and enjoy the 2008 season!


Thanks to those that have left comments for Tyrone - the comments are all read to him and he appreciates them.

If you haven't left a comment and would like to, please do so.

CFL, gotta love it

Before I leave a comment . . . What is wrong with him?

How is he doing?

Think Tyrone Jones has cancer. The Bombers brought him back for a game last year. Think I read he knew he was dying and it was his last trip to Winnipeg.

Tragically, Ty is dying from brain cancer.

Very sad to hear. Its always a shame when someone has their life cut short. All the best TY.

This is incredibly sad. Hang in there Tyrone. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Thanks for the comments to Ty guys and gals, they are all being read to him.


Sad news for sure.I remember TJ very well. As a Stamp fan I use to hate it when he made big plays.

He was a great CFL ambassador. I sent him a message as well.

Our thoughts are with Ty and his family now.