Tyrie Adams to start for REDBLACKS on Friday vs Elks

OTTAWA – Quarterback Tyrie Adams will get the start for the Ottawa REDBLACKS on Friday as they host the Edmonton Elks, head coach Bob Dyce told TSN10200 on Monday.

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Well I guess this marks the end of Arbuckle’s career as a starting QB in the CFL.

He joins the list headed by Jonathan Jennings and James Franklin, as QBs out of the west who parlayed some success as backups into starting roles in the east, only to fall flat on their faces.

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Arbuckle makes on the high end of backup QB salaries. Having more than a few opportunities to be a starter with little success… perhaps it’s time for the RBs to move on.

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Not sure it’d be the end for Arbuckle even if Ottawa moves on.

Edmonton and Hamilton are far from set at QB. Toronto might be interested in having an experienced backup. But who knows what’ll happen with MBT in a couple weeks. Heck, even Calgary might have some interest given Maier’s mediocre numbers so far.

OTOH, Locksely and Pigrome are now out of work, and both have shown some flashes in their brief (esp. Pigrome) time on CFL fields.

Although it appears Locksley was released at least in part, because of some sideline issue when the Elks benched him and put Jarret Doege in at QB… maybe not so much of a team player.

Can understand his reaction though can’t you? He gets put in for one play, fumbles, and then promptly gets nailed to the bench.

So Cornelius gets several games to try to move the offence, the new guy gets almost an entire half, but I get only ONE PLAY?

Hardly seems fair.

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I get it he was pissed… but as a marginal player in the CFL he has to earn his opportunities. It’s unlikely the incident, whatever happened, was the first event for the Elks to give up on him so easily. Keep in mind that this guy has a legal history including a DWI, Making Terroristic Threats and the illegal possession of a firearm while playing for the University of Texas. He should be grateful for whatever opportunity he may be given.

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It’s not Fair! It’s professional Football !
When you get an opportunity you have to perform or you get left behind.

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After ONE PLAY ?

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Oh well we shall see. I’m quirkily optimistic, for this game has the core ingredients to be absolutely crap-tastic but you know what folks, THIS is often when we are pleasantly surprised in life!

And this new quarterback Adams will either shine to some degree to solidify his starting role, and perhaps even have us wondering if this is the next CFL star, or he will poop the bed like Chris Leak, Johnny Manziel, Dominique Davis, Ron Burgundy, et cetera back in their day!