Tyrell Sutton

Finally we are utilizing a real running back in our attack. Sutton looked great and wasn’t ignored by Condell like he did with previous running backs. Wonder if he would have gone back to him if he hadn’t gained good yardage on the first few carries? Fortunately he did.

This thread gives me an excuse to post an article from yesterday.

O’Leary: Sutton motivated to bring Grey Cup to Hamilton

My favourites bits:

  • Sutton always hated playing against HAM because of our punishing defence.
  • In six seasons in the league, he has played in three post-season games. All against HAM, and all losses.

For these reasons, he is glad to finally be with us instead of against us.

Story also includes some nice commentary about the impact the 1999 players had on the 2019 team last week.

Does any team anywhere embody the spirit of the city it plays for as much as the Tiger- Cats?

Thanks for posting this article ExPat!

X 2

And… he has coined the memorable line:

“Oskee Wee Wee muther******!?

Hope we hear that a lot from him this post season.

STE was not ignored by Condell. Sutton is great - but I am looking forward to STE’s return.

That was a LONG time ago. Cam Marshall was pretty much ignored, as was Jackson Bennett even after he had a strong game.

Just watch that stiff-arm on that punishing run man this guy is what we need at this point in the season!

By now, I for one, am willing to admit Condell knows a bit about running an offence than I do (not that there was any doubt).
Against some teams we can exploit the run defence so we run more, other teams have a better run defence so we pass more.
Tommy’s doing a great job, we are winning…don’t care if we run more, pass more, win by a point or by 40; win on D, ST or O.
Its all good. Just need our players healthy.

Sutton has become a part of ticat folklore…after coining that phrase…wonder what Bob Young’s reaction is…after all he didn’t want us to even say Argos s*@k, when he first bought the team.


Maybe he washed Tyrell’s mouth with soap.

We haven’t seemed to run much against any teams. Hopefully that will change with Sutton’s performance. Of course I’m happy that we’re winning, but think we can always find ways to improve.

Our offence will take what the defence gives us. We have so many weapons that opposing defensive co-ordinators are likely losing sleep with all of their nightmares coming true.

The stats on Ticats.ca show this for rushing:

Games, Carries, yards, Average and longest run

[tr][td]MARSHALL, Cameron[/td]
[tr][td]SUTTON, Tyrell[/td]

I like Sutton, but Marshall seems to have a clear statistical advantage as his longest run was 6 yards more.

Also noteworthy, is that Evans and Masoli have identical completion percentages (71.4%).

Is this accurate? Do they really have identical stats?

If those numbers are correct, this is quite a coincidence! However, I think the CFL has made data mistakes before…

“After review” (like the CC), it’s probably not that amazing for them both to have 32 carries for 198 yards. Cam had 27/32 under 10 yds, 3/32 between 10 and 19 yds and 2/32 over 20 yds (largest was 25), while Tyrell had 20/32 under 10 yds and 12/32 over 10 yards (largest was 19).

I checked the game-by-game stats – Marshall played in games 8, 9, & 10. Sutton played in games 14. 15 & 16. And those total stats, so close to being totally identical, make me think of a classic Seinfeld scene:

Well, maybe the stats aren’t quite so “spectacular,” but, yes, they are real.

How PI of you… and I love it! ;D ;D ;D

I have a question for all you experienced forum posters:

When did they stop tallying up total points by player?
AND related, where do I find out the number of TDs by player?
(For example, I know Speedy has 10 by receiving, but what about via punt and KO returns?)

A two running back system with Sutton and Erlington would be great.

Is STE back soon? I like Sutton as the primary back, runs like he is on a mission.