Tyrell Sutton Traded to BC

Tyrell Sutton
2019 3rd Round Pick

To Montreal
2019 2nd Round Pick
2019 6th Round Pick

Thank you Tyrell for your time here with the Als.

Best of luck to you with the Lions.

Stanback made him expendable; just as Sutton had made Whitaker expendable.

And probably less $$

As a blocker and a receiver, Stanback has some catch-up to do.

So do many of his offensive teammmates :wink:

Bon échange dans le sens où le remplaçant de Sutton a montré qu’il pouvait faire le travail. Par contre j’aurais estimé que Sutton valait plus chère qu’un choix de 2e ronde (en plus d’avoir donné un choix de 3e ronde). Si Sutton revient en santé pour la saison prochaine, Hervey sortira gagnant de cet échange.

Un peu surpris,mais compte tenu de son age, aura 32 ans en décembre- du fait qu’il a manqué plusieurs parties depuis un peu plus de 2 saisons et 3/4 -manqué 19 des dernières 49 parties- ainsi que son salaire et du jeu de Stanback, je comprends l’échange.

Je lui souhaite la meilleure des chances. Devrait aider BC.

Ce n’est que le début des départs de plusieurs vétérans après la fin de saison.


Exactly ... and it is not as though there are not other RBs available post-NFL training camps

Peut etre Reed peut laisser partir Jackson et Bowman aussi pour des ballonsl!

Et il sauvra d argent.

Malheureusement, Jackson et Bowman n’ont aucune valeur sur le “marché”. Nous sommes “pris” avec eux pour le reste de la saison.


CFL coaches usually play the RB who can best protect the quarterback. So if Herb Zurkowsky were on the beat today, he probably would have said the trade was made because the Als needed to shed salary as they are up against the cap.

Especially the “O” line.

This is the kind of trade you make when you’ve given up on the season.

Can’t argue with that.

And for a veteran who has given much to the club, but who may be approaching the end of his career, at least a shot at the playoffs (or maybe “playoff” as it may well only be one game).

That’s just about the size of it.

I wonder what kind of motivation it takes for players to even don the uniform these days.

This organization stinks to high heavens from top to bottom. They trade away players who have produced. Maybe these players were telling the truth in the dressing room; a truth nobody wanted to hear? What a bloody mess!

The game I’m looking forward to this weekend is the 7th-ranked Stanford at the 8th-ranked Notre Dame - should be a great one!

I’ll check in on the Alley-Wets from time to time, but not regularly - I don’t like cursing like a sailor, but that’s what I inevitably do if I watch the Als. At least when the Irish goof up, I know they’re only kids who are still learning their craft.

RB is a position of strength on your team, I really like both Stanback and Stone.
Moving up to probably a top 15 pick in the draft when you don’t have a 1st is very important.
I could see some more trades coming.

Yup it looks like the fire sale has officially started . This trade in many ways reminds me of when my Cats in the mid 2000’s were where you guys are right now and ended up trading away Troy Davis to Edmonton around the same mark in the schedule . It worked out well for Davis as he wound up with a Grey Cup champion ring that year which he never would’ve got if he had stayed in Hamilton .

Jackson and Bowman would make nice gifts :wink:

I can’t see any team wanting E Jackson, but Bowman could help a team in the playoffs.
He is a F/A at the end of the year on a $150K contract, but some of that could have been prepaid in off season bonuses and there are only 5 games remaining, so maybe not a burdensome contract.