tis a small thing, maybe, but the many small things add up, as well as the bigger things

according to the idiots that are supposed to be running this site, there are no reg or post season games being televised.

I assume the same idiots are the ones that are putting up polls on who will win pre season games, completely missing the point of the pre season games.

they need to totally change this site. it's never changed in how many years now?

someone needs to be shown the door and have a new designer from the 21st Century come and create a new one.

Half the links to team Radio broadcasts on CFL's website don't work. The radio link for the Argos brings up a "page not found? "I found the TSN 1050 radio site but the "Listen Live" link to tonight's Argo game didn't work, no game. The link to Stampeders radio site hasn't worked for at least 2 years. You'd think somebody would notice after awhile? The Ticat link also doesn't work but I hunted down the "Golden Oldies" station which was broadcasting last night's game (before I realized the Ticats were live-streaming the game...Thank You Bob Young!) I'm sure CFL's internet wizard will get around to updating these radio links...but maybe not this year. :wink:

I wonder if the new Ticats website is going to be used as a template for the rest of the league's sites. Fully scalable for any platform, with a more up-to-date look. Have to admit, it took some getting used to, and there are still a few missing features. But it's grown on me.

Still no change to the forum site though. Baby steps, I guess. Probably due to budget constraints more than lack of vision and ability.

Well, considering Mr X is in charge of the entire platform...probably

What I was thinking. Basically, ticats.ca is like the beta test site. Once all the bugs have been worked out there, the cfl.ca site gets the same makeover.

While I agree with those that say the site is gone well past its expiration date you're way off the mark on this one. The 3 pre season games scheduled for broadcast have been listed for at least 2 weeks.


Another season of complaining for the sake of complaining? :roll:

did I mention the pre season games?

tsn.ca has had their cfl schedule up for at least a week. Probably notably longer

Like I said when somebody complained about it over on the Ticats forum…

You are going to party like it’s 2005 mister, and you are going to like it!


I don't think there is anything wrong with the design of this site. In fact I think it is one of the better designed sites on the internet. As far as updating the radio links and the game broadcast data is another matter and the matter brought up in the original post.

Every time a site is redesigned it is then filled with stupid avatars and graphics serving no purpose but to slow down my PC. Appealing to an ever growing illiterate population content with posting smilies.

I really do like the new Ti-Cats site, especially if I happen to be on my tablet when looking at it.


As a ticatfan I do like the new site.

And how many seasons do you have to go back to find a year even a single regular season or playoff game was not televised nationally? :roll:

You do like to be the centre of attention don't you.

Ditto. One of my pet peeves with the previous version was that it always brought up the minimal functionality mobile version when I was using my 10" tablet, forcing me to then request the desktop version every time. It had no way to determine what size screen I was using, only that I was using Android, and apparently had no way to remember what I chose the previous time, so assumed I wanted the mobile version.

The new website is fully scalable, so it determines what size screen you have, and displays the pages in a readable size, rearranging items so they display properly, and removing some items (e.g. quick menu bar at the top) only when it absolutely needs to. It definitely has a mobile feel to it, but it was fairly easy to get used to.


Yes, it's surprisingly nice to look at, and the best part is that is doesn't crash my web browser. If CFL.CA goes the same route, it will be a thing of beauty.

But we will still be stuck with this crappy 10 year old forum, that was obsolete when it first went online...

Not a Cats fan, but I did stream some of the game and was impressed. Considering what it was they did a pretty good job.