How come when we are winning you all boast, when we lose you cry. Ottawa just support your team, win or lose be a fan. The gades may suck (go bc) however, their fans are worse than the team. All you guys ever do is bitch, why not support help them get fans out and have fun. Oh yeah Ottawa the city fun missed

if you want to know I am the only non-resident Ottawa Rens fan here out in the East it is to my understand that we should support them no matter what.

Yeah I'd love to see BC Lion Fans after 30 years of loosing!

i know us calgarians wouldnt forget our team.

I don't recall Ottawa fans ever boasting.... and for your information Moscow, I have never seen a winning season in Ottawa in my entire life. Has that stopped me from being a season ticket holder since 1990??? No it has not, win or lose, I will always be there for my team. I am not from Ottawa either, I drive 2 hours every game, and stay in a hotel in Ottawa. Therefore, since I have 3 season tickets at 400 a piece = 1200 dollars, plus 150 per hotel room, X 10 games... that equals me spending thousands of dollars on my team.

I must say however that Ottawa fans in general are pathetic (and I'm a huge Gades fan, just an observation from a Gades fan that doesn't live in Ottawa), not even the Sens sell out, and their baseball team draws very poorly, it is easily the worst sports city in Canada. If I can spend thousands of dollars to watch my team, and I don't even live there, then people in the city can get out and support their team as well.

smyth-cam, normally you make some good points here, but you're way off on this one. 'Easily the worst sports city'....are you kidding me??

First of all, baseball dosent count, no one in this country except a few people in Toronto care about it. How many AAA teams are there in Canada? Thats because no one wants one or can support one.

"not even the Sens sell out". Yes, on a Tuesday in the middle of February when we get only 16,000 to a game against Columbus.....

Its not uncommon for the Sens, 67's, and Olympiques to play on the same night. When this happens there are about 28,000 people watching live hockey at once in this area. Yep, we're BAAAAAAAD fans....

As for the Gades, there's nothing that hasnt been said already a million times on this board as to why they're not drawing better.

i think everyone needs to give it a rest with the ottawa fans. we've heard everything there is to hear, so give it up.

Agreed !!

The problem with Ottawa as a city is that it's the center of politics for Canaduh. Politics is more interesting than sports for most of Ottawa's population.

First of all, give us a break. We haven't had a winnig team in so long. The die hard football fans still go, but like in any other city, there isn't 20 000 die hard fans. If you start losing, you'll lose fans. If you haven't had a winning season for almost 20 years, then do the math.

Second of all, a lot of younger folks just don't want to go because ever since they were born, their team stunk. And I think there should be a real sense of urgency from the CFl commissioner (Wright) to get younger fans back in the stands in Ottawa. OR else, its going to turn out like the ottawa lynx: small crowd or mostly elderly people, and absolutely no kids or teenagers. Put blackouts on home games, allow for a tailgating area, etc.

Argos had a 30+ year drought and they still had fans

Argos Fever, we're not talking about a 30 plus year drought of non Grey Cup wins, we're talking about a 25+ year drought of not even having a winning season. And yes, your team didn't win the Grey Cup for 30 years or so, and in the mid 90's you averaged 14 - 15,000 fans. And after you won the Grey Cup in 97, you averaged 17,000 fans the next season. So, it seems that attendances seem to go in cycles in Toronto. We're lucky in Ottawa that we're averaging 19,000 after 25 years of not even a winning season.

And, amen to what Gades said... give it a rest....

It's actually very impressive that Ottawa has had approx 20K lately considering how brutal they have been playing and back in thd RR days the avg was 24k.

I was born in 1970 and the only time I remember hearing good things about Ottawa was when I was 5-7 yrs old after that... not so much.

As for Argo fans - I shut it. All of you are a hop a skip away from wanting an NFL team in your city and seeing that you are the center of the universe you will for sure drop the Argos if that were to happen.

No one had good attendance in the 90s

The fact is that people dont like watching football when the home team is losing most of the time. and about those young fans, im 16 and i am a big fan but there is nothing attracting kids to the games, no deals for students or anything

I just called the box office, spoke to David at 224. He tells me the tickets are $25 each in Section D/F (upper). No deals for students, what do you want FREE. It is a Professional sports team (not they play that way)

Stop blaming the fans. THis city has not had a winning team since 1979. I would love to see what kind of attendance there would be in every other CFL city ( or NFL city ) with a record like that over the same time period. I was watching a Ottawa vs. Calgary game from Aug.9, 1987 on ESPNC, in which I attended, Dean Dorsey broke Do Sweet's FG record. Ottawa led by 30 points in the 3rd quarter and lost by 1 point. I was at that game and it is still painful to watch. The hard luck situation has still not changed even with the Renegades in 2005 !!!! Shitty ownership, coaches, management and players for 26 years !!! The slide dates back to when Ottawa got rid of Frank Clair and Tom Clements and George Brancato's revolving door. It's still going on . When is the CFL going to learn that Ottawa needs the league's help in rebuilding. What does it do ? The CFL sticks Ottawa with the Gliebermen. So, stop blaming the fans.

How can you says hitty ownership, they have almost thrown more money away reducing prices to the games to get fans out and the City still doesnt buy. Typical Ottawa fans, if we don't win we don't like the sport or the team. Example I have been a Ti cat fan all my life, they have tough times I still support them SEC F row 12 next game baby, GO CATS GO! They are not going to make the playoffs but I go to have fun with my buds at the games. It is about what you get otu of the night, support your team buy a ticket and go have fun. Or be Ottawa Fan and make excuses. Ottawa the city fun missed

Perhaps Ottawa fans are a little more sophisticated and rational than drooling ticat fans?

While I am a season ticket holder and one of the few in premium seating who demonstrated loyalty to the franchise by renewing early and paying full price, I understand why people are staying away.

Consider a well known definition for insanity: ‘One who does the same thing while expecting a different result’.

While Ottawa has supported the team very well in the past, the result has been consistently bad, so it is fair to change the one thing that we as fans can and do control, our support.

I can have fun with my buddies’ anywhere. If I choose to do it at Frank Clair for the price of a football ticket, I expect the football team to be run professionally and while I don’t expect them to win all the time, I expect them to win SOME of the time and to be competitive MOST of the time.

I also expect our team ownership/management to show a little respect in exchange for my support. All that I ask is that they don’t run an organization with a bloated front office that saps resources that could have been used to develop a winning football team (previous ownership group) or a circus act featuring invisible talent (Ryan Leaf) that causes us to give up legitmate talent off our negotiation list (current group).

When the Gliebermans returned, I liked what they had to say. I believed they intended to do better and would do better. While I still believe they intend to do better, I worry that they are fundamentally incapable of doing so. They are blinded by the big names of the past and insult the average fan’s intelligence (i.e. Leaf). Lonnie is a child constantly swinging for the fences and dreaming of homerun glory while failing to understand that he could have earned more glory just by getting to first base, even if its with someone less sexy than the bachelor. .

Just focus on running a solid organization and bringing in real and legitimate football people/players.

Its obvious that the Gades will be cleaning house this offseason. Paopao and his staff will go and they deserve to go. While Paopao may be a very nice man, he is a horrible coach and let his personal friendship destroy him and the team by keeping his friend and offensive coordinator long after he proved himself completely inept. I feel badly for Greg Marshall, who is clearly a talented football coach, but came into the wrong organization at the wrong time. Hopefully he will be considered for the head coach job, but I suspect the Double G’s will just can everyone.

In the end, if you are a fan of another franchise, then shut your pie hole. I’ve seen embarassingly empty stands in almost every other city in the league at one point or another in the last 15 years and you’ve all had far less justification for staying away than the fans of Ottawa.

Frankly, its a miracle we draw the fans we do and that is a testament to the love for football in Ottawa.