How could we show up so flat in a must win game against the hated Argos . A game in which meant nothing to the Argos and everything to us.They did not dress their star QB in Ray and their top RB was out and key OLINEMAN were out .

As a team the TICATS were not desperate enough and not hungry enough and not prepared well enough and did not show the proper discipline .This game should have been like 33 – 10 for the TICATS if the TICATS came in with the the right attitude and preparation.

The main fault lies with Cortez and Creehan as they are responssible to prepare and motivate and to come up with plays and schemes that will work . CREEHAN will most certainly be fired and I think if there is any way to bring in a new Coach then I would do that as well I don’t think Cortez is liked by the team and this game illustrates it .
Players like Giguerre and Fantuz just go through the motions . Did anyone see the play where Coburne ran into Giguere because Gugure chose not to block and just stood there.
Burris had good stats but he didn’t perform in the first half when we needed him to and he threw into double and triple coverage a lot where at least 2 or 3 could have been intercepted and 2 actually were and one was a pic 6 .
He also passed into the corner to stala with mcculough all over him and he passed to Williams over throing him in the endzone when Williams crashed into the people .
He also was out of synch with Chevon Walker on a hand off and he doesn’t see,m to be inm synch with what Dile is doing as Dile let’s them go inside and then Burris goes inside and vise versa …. Dile had a terrible game too an d was called on so many key penalties …Burris also had too many penalties..time count etc . All these penalites and out of synch plays are the fault of coaching . Burris also fumbled the ball once as well . Burris also took way too much time getting the 2knd to last touch down when there was about 10 minutes left ..he needed to push forward more and cortez needed to call plays that were for more than 4 yards and 5 .
When Beli pushed our guy and was offside we should have not retaliated as well and let Belli get a huge penalty of off side and unnecessary roughness .
Fantuz as well should be ashamed of his season , trying to gain an extra yard to two against 3 tough Argos looking to strip the ball is just dumb . He got away with it once earlier and tried it again ..just dumb … Fantuz also ran a route where he only got like 6 or 7 yards when we needed 10 and then we went back to him to get the extra 3 or 4 the next play and he got slaughtered .

If I was Hamilton, I’d trade FANTUZ to SASK as they probably still love him and we can get Bagg and maybe a good DB or DLineman in exchange .
Fantuz has shown that he is NOT a gamer and NOT a wInner ..From the botched up field goal hold to dumb fumbles and strips of the ball ..He also can’t run after catching the ball ..He is very over rated …He has size and hands and can run decent routes but he has no toughness and is not a gamer or winner …..and he is being payed like one .

The Defence :

We finally found a defensive End that can get to the QB and we refuse to play him . # 96 Peguesse .
Our DLINE was going against a melted down OLINE yesterday and rookie QB’s and we couldn’t get a pass rush ..and CREEHAN did not do anything to scare these rookie QB’s …..

Bordeau and Peach are average at best ….Moore looks like a good DT no doubt and Davis as well but we need to the rush end and we need a linebacker blitzing or DB too …but we just don’t …Tisdale had a very bad game and he gave the receivers was too much space ….Rey Williams was invisible again . We need to get rid of CREEHAN and Rey Williams and Tisdale ….We still need DB’s that can cover man to man and we need guys that can rush the QB. .

I wish Avon did not have to reply on this team for a job because I know he knows what is wrong with this team and he could likely tell us all …You can see his frustration out there on the holding calls and dumb plays ..this never happened to him in Montreal ….

I would keep the following and the rest can go :

Bkari Grant
Aron Kelly
Chris Williams
Webb, Dee
Congi, Luca
Knowlton, Markeith
Colclough, Ricardo
, Rwabukamba, Chris,
Hinds, Ryan
Ryan Hinds
Beswick, Marc
Walker, Chevon
Bartel, Josh
Kanya, Nathan
O'Neill, Tim
Husband, Cody
Baillargeon, Pascal
Charbonneau-Campeau, Simon
Stala, Dave
Jones, Onrea
Peguese, Brandon
Moore, Terrence
Davis, Torrey
Johnson, Jamall
Dyakowski, Peter
Hage, Marwan
Thomas, Carlos
Mallett, Martell
Grant, Terry
Steele, Eddie
Fournier, Samuel

I think we all did. . . Suitor even pointed it out during the replay. Very unprofessional and inexcusable on Giguere's part.